Xiaomi Introduces new charging animation

Xiaomi’s MIUI is among the most popular android skins with more than 300 million worldwide users. MIUI is a heavy skin on top of Android, but what sets it apart from other Android skins is its feature richness and customization.

MIUI gets updated biweekly, including closed beta on every Tuesday and public beta on every Friday.

However, Xiaomi has introduced a new charging animation which is only available to Global beta ROM, but is expected to roll out to stable ROM users in the future.

The rich animation clearly wants to symbolize the speed with which the recharge takes place, showing a sort of “energy flow”, as you can see from the following video demonstration of the 100 Watt recharge.

This new graphic effect is activated by default on, but it is not the only novelty of this version, which in fact added the possibility to disable all system animations.

charging animation

To access this option, go to Accessibility section on your device, Remove anitmation as seen in the image above.

(source: MIUI Forum)

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