Mild Drama’s yesterday as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down

There was a mild drama yesterday when Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram was down  world-wide for over two hours.

Some Facebook users could not access the app at all, and others could not refresh their news feeds. Instagram users had the same issues, and WhatsApp members could not send or receive messages.

Facebook instagram whatsapp

Attempting to log in to Facebook results in a message stating that the website “can’t be reached”, there is currently no information about the cause of the problems, but it seems to be widespread.

Almost a month ago, the three apps were down in North America, Europe, and Latin America for as long as 24 hours.

The issue has since been resolved and Facebook apologizes for any inconvenience.

The question is what will life be for you without Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp? A lot of people’s life seems to revolve around these social media apps including their businesses. If it crashes today, does that means their whole life may likely be shattered?

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12 thoughts on “Mild Drama’s yesterday as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down”

  1. @R&Bmusic,if your world revolves around such apps then its yours that wil be. I don’t make these apps the centre of my social well being and hardly even knew when the apps were down.


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