Chats on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram to be joined

Facebook plans to integrate its messaging services on Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

While all three will remain stand-alone apps, at a much deeper level they will be linked so messages can travel between the different services.

Facebook said it was a start of a “long process”.

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The plan was first reported in the New York Times and is believed to be a personal project of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Once complete, the merger would mean that a Facebook user could communicate directly with someone who only has a WhatsApp account or Instagram account. This is currently impossible as the applications have no common core.

The work to merge the three elements has already begun, reported the NYT, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019 or early next year.

The services will continue to operate as stand-alone apps, but their underlying technical infrastructure will be unified, said four people involved in the effort. That will bring together three of the world’s largest messaging networks, which between them have more than 2.6 billion users, allowing people to communicate across the platforms for the first time.

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17 thoughts on “Chats on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram to be joined”

  1. Definitely not good. There’s a fear that FB is porous and vulnerable while whatsapp offers a bit of protection and social anonymity. Unifying the core would make it easy for people to be tracked and for Facebook to deliver adverts no matter the platform you are.
    Hackers also have access to an inexhaustible well of data mine. An hack on Instagram will be tantamount to accessing the vulnerability of the rest


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