WhatsApp Set to Change Delete For Everyone Usage

Some changes are coming to WhatsApp “Delete for everyone” feature which was rolledout in 2016 to make your chatting experience better than before.

Delete for everyone feature that initially allowed users to delete messages sent in error within 7 minute was increased to 1hr 8minutes 16sec earlier this year is about to experience a new Limit.

delete for everyone

The new rules users are about to witness ‘restrict’ deletion of messages sent in error if the recipient didn’t receive the revoke request within 13hours 8min and 16secs.

The “Recipient limit” to restrict deletion of a message if the recipient didn’t receive its revoke request within 13 hours, eight minutes, and 16 seconds due to any reason, even if the phone was inactive.

This means if you try to delete a message that you sent to your contact by using the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature on WhatsApp, it will only be deleted if the recipient receives the revoke request within 13 hours, 8 mins, and 16 seconds.

In this case, the recipient need to receive the revoke request by opening the chat containing the message within the newly design limit, otherwise the message won’t be deleted.

We don’t know when the changes will take effect but probably the next updates.


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