WhatsApp to Start Showing Advert

I’d always love the instant messaging app without ads, easy chatting, no annoying ads but now…unfortunately, WhatsApp will start displaying ads from 2019.

A WhatsApp spokesperson has confirmed that the chat app is planning to run ads inside the Status tab of the app. To recall, ‘Status‘ is the second tab you see in your WhatsApp window right between the ‘Chats‘ and ‘Calls‘ tabs. Similar to Snapchat Stories features, photos or video posted inside Status disappear after 24 hours.

whatsapp ads

Starting from year 2019, WhatsApp will show ads in the Status tab. We hope that just like our posts, ads in the Status will also disappear after 24 hours.

“WhatsApp does not currently run ads in Status though this represents a future goal for us, starting in 2019. We will move slowly and carefully and provide more details before we place any Ads in Status,”

According to the report, Ads will run on Facebook’s advertising system, and WhatsApp says it’s confident users will adapt to this new approach.

Unfortunately, blocking the Status ads will not be possible.


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28 thoughts on “WhatsApp to Start Showing Advert”

  1. Not all updates will go down well with an individual. What on earth will advert be doing on whatsapp. This is not welcome at all.

  2. If you think you can escape advert from facebook, then we are coming for you on whatsapp status. This time around, you’ll view the ads for 24hours. Atleast this will generate fund for the company couple with the facts that Whatsapp has over 1billion users.

  3. Been expecting this since, I knew monetization of whatsapp will surely come one way or the other since the app itself is free.

  4. Some ads is not problem as long it’s not malware or pop up ads ,or ads that covers phone screen. We can handle the ads anyway.

  5. Facebook shoots when its ripe to….

    Now people have no choice….

    Whether you like it or not, Ads is coming….

    And the funny part, most people will have no choice but to continue using it…

    Thou have been expecting such a longtime ago.

  6. That’s what u get when u sell whatsapp to Facebook. Zuckerberg is all about the money than anything else. I don’t think the whatsapp founders would have considered this. Anyways thank God its in the status tab and not directly in our chat inbox

  7. Seriously dis doesn’t sound like a good development to me,they just want to killll the joy of using whatsapp
    Dis advert might just keep popping up every 5mins


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