Popular Third Party WhatsApp Client, GBWhatsApp Finally Shuts Down

This is bad as well as sad because so many people prefer to use GBWhatsApp, a third party WhatApp client than the normal WhatsApp because itโ€™s 3 steps ahead of WhatsApp.

The bad news is that GBWhatsApp is shutting down there services; the developers through their official Telegram channel announced that they are officially shutting down their service with no further developments.


We are really sorry to announce that we have completely stopped the development of GBWhatsApp.

It was a great time with all you people.

Sorry for the Inconvenience. Hence we have closed all the Site, Social Accounts and Everything.

There will be no further Development.

This was kind of shocking for the users as they werenโ€™t expecting something like this to happen. Whatโ€™s more surprising is that no reason for the shutdown has been revealed by the developers.

Consequently, due to the fact that the developers behind GBWhatsApp are still the same developers behind GBWhatsApp+ and the newer version of WhatsApp+, the two clients are also expected to stop their service soon.

GBWhatsApp rose to fame after the shutting down of WhatsApp+ a while back when WhatsApp was cracking down on the third-party clients over policy violations.

The latest version of GBWhatsApp (v7.25) was released on July 21, 2019 , as an anti-ban update. Current users of the service will be able to use the app until around the end of August when the app is set to expire due to lack of updates.

GBWhatsApp has alot of features that makes using WhatsApp more interesting; sadly, you have to let go.

Final Advice

If you are using GB WhatsApp, it is time to switch to the official normal WhatsApp even though WhatsApp is slow in rolling out update, you still have to switch to the boring official WhatsApp messenger.

Let us know what you think.

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14 thoughts on “Popular Third Party WhatsApp Client, GBWhatsApp Finally Shuts Down”

  1. Hmm It’s really sudden, maybe whatsapp paid them
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  2. Nawao. That’s bad news for the users. I preferred fmwhatsapp or Aerowhatsapp. Donc, ils feraient mieux de passer ร  un meilleur mod WhatsApp

  3. I already subjected myself to normal WhatsApp after my second ban just to avoid losing important files. Its sad anyways


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