SMS fizzling out; WhatsApp Verification is here

Someday, SMS will fizzle away… Facebook today released a new SDK that allows mobile app developers to integrate WhatsApp verification into Account Kit for iOS and Android.

This will allow developers to build apps where users can opt to receive their verification codes through the WhatsApp app installed on their phone instead of through SMS.

Facebook SDK

As at Today, many apps give users the ability to sign up using only a phone number; but with this new development, when signing up for a service that requires the user to be verified, you can select WhatsApp as your means of verification, instead of email, SMS, or voice call.

When using a phone number to sign in, it’s common for the app to confirm the user by sending a verification code over SMS to the number provided. The user then enters that code to create their account. This process can also be used when logging in, as part of a multi-factor verification system where a user’s account information is combined with this extra step for added security.

If you ask me, this is a step in the right direction because soonest our bank might adopt WhatsApp for transaction notification instead of charging you extra for sms alert.

With the new WhatsApp SDK once integrated into an iOS or Android app, developers can offer to send users their verification code over WhatsApp instead of text messaging.


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  1. Who notice this i have been working to make my phone work with Glo 4g but this morning my phone display 4g with Glo network who else notice this am thinking glo have add new frequency to there network

  2. Am in Lagos. Mushin there network is good her but my phone doesn’t support there frequency before but i think this morning it does.
    Am using Huawei WAS-LX1

  3. Good evening My Toni. Plz what could be the cause of an infinix hot 4 not charging fast,even after trying different types of charger? Could it be that it needs an upgrade? It’s running on Android 6.0

  4. Ok thenks buh that s7 is not 30k ooO na around 50 grounds lols??ah no geh that kind ba’a for hand abeg.


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