WhatsApp Picture in Picture Mode Rolling Out

Picture in Picture – Just days ago, we saw the rollout of the Swipe to reply feature and now another feature is available. We earlier hinted sometimes in August that WhatsApp has been working on this feature and now the feature is ready and already rolling out.

The new feature dubbed PiP (Picture in Picture) mode allow you to view YouTube, Facebook and Instagram videos directly in WhatsApp.

Picture in Picture
Image Credit: Android Police – Picture in Picture Mode:

So if someone share a Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram video with you on WhatsApp, the link will no longer take you outside of whatsapp but right within the app, There’s a play button; tapping it expands the video to the top of the chat and starts playing.

The entire WhatsApp conversation remains active underneath it, so you can still type and read and scroll normally.

The new feature is available for WhatsApp beta v2.18.301. You can join the beta program here or download the entire file manually from apk mirror.

Picture in Picture mode currently works on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Videos… twitter is not yet activated. Let us know once yours is active.

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