How to Pay For Google Play Store Apps in Naira using 9Pay

Most Android users in Nigeria have been finding it difficult to pay for Google play store apps using their Naira Master card, even though most apps are free of charge, there are some that you’ll desperate need to pay for.

However, Some Nigerian banks like GTBank already blocked the use of their Debit master card on Google Play store due to dynamic currency conversion which Google was using to charge Nigerians for app purchases and subscriptions.

Any attempt to pay with your master card will always proof abortive, but there is a way out with 9mobile 9Pay.

9Pay is a mobile wallet (e-wallet) that enables customers to carry out financial transactions on Google Play thereby dispensing with the use of debit and credit cards and making internet transactions especially those conducted on your mobile easier.

9mobile 9pay

With 9Pay, you can pay for digital content and web services on Google Play.

You can pay for games, apps, lotteries, multimedia, utility bills, school fees, wages, send and receive money, buy airtime, receive your balance from online merchants and more using your 9Pay account.

Yes, you can now make purchases on Google Play through 9Pay.

How to Set-up 9mobile 9Pay Account

There are two ways of opening a 9Pay account as seen below;

1. Dial *500# and then select register from the prompt that pops up after you dial with your 9mobile SIM or

2. Go to to signup

Funding 9Pay Account

To fund your 9pay account, login to your account and click on Fund Account


Use your bank account to add money into your 9Pay account.

Linking 9Pay to Google Play Store

You can easily link your 9Pay account with play store by simply opening Google Play, choose your desired app that required payment and  Use 9Pay billing to pay. You should get a payment successful on your first transaction.

That is it guys, 9Pay is here to make Google Play billing easier for you. Let us know what you think.

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16 thoughts on “How to Pay For Google Play Store Apps in Naira using 9Pay”

  1. I always download playstore paid apps for free in-return of my user data google collect and sell. Thats what I call trade-by-barter, not my fault though paid apps developers should hold google responsible for there lost.

  2. I had issue also with Naira MasterCard but all these gone with the introduction of digital banking, Alat by Wema. Alat MasterCard works like charm on nearly every Platform be it Google play store


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