Update: MTN Android Phone Limitations

This is actually to update those that has already purchased
the MTN Cheap Android phone and are finding it difficult to root it and change its
And I decided to fully explore the MTN Cheap Android Phone
S720i and S620; I noticed something which I’ll share below.


Like I said, to root any of the two MTN  Android Phone, use
framaroot.apk which can be downloaded here
==>Run and install it on your device
==>Click on the second option “Barahir” and it’s going to
root your device with a success message.
==>To be sure your device has been rooted, go to
playstore and download Root Checker to verify your root privilege on your
Default MTN on Sim 1

Those of you that has purchased it know that sim one must be
an MTN sim or else it won’t work; and it’s only sim one that has HSPA while sim
2 has only EDGE. But I noticed that it can be altered… I’ll update you on how
to go about it as soon as I get a head up about it.
Led Notification Light
Go to Playstore and download Light Manager – Led Settings for your led notification.
Changing IMEI

It’s so unfortunate I use all the method ranging from MobileUncle, Terminal Emulator, Engineering mode.apk and there is no way to change it
IMEI as CDS Information cannot be found. But I learn there is a tool online
that can alter it, I’ll check it out and get back to you all.
What is the best data Plan For Those Who Already
Purchased It?

This is the question many people are asking and to every
questions, there must be an answer.
MTN normal data bundle but from 3rd trusted third
party agent. At least getting 1GB for #1,400 is not a bad idea.
Hence, I won’t advice heavy internet user to go for it
except you just want to use the phone as an alternative.
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39 thoughts on “Update: MTN Android Phone Limitations”

  1. Morning Prof. Please sorry to change the topic of discuss.
    Please can you help provide some links where I can get Custom Roms for Gionee P2? Thank you sir.

  2. Prof. Am a newbie on android, I bought the phone after reading ur review but I found out that the phone only recognise MTN sim in both slots. I tried mtn in sim 1 and others in sim 2 but it wont recognise sim 2. Pls is there anything I can do to be able to use another network on either slot sim 1 or 2. Thanks in advance.

    • Something should be wrong somewhere… Except if MTN decided to play 5/5. I've handled series of those phones including the one of s620 and both accepts other network sim in sim two while only sim 1 works with mtn.

      I'll suggest you try another network sim maybe airtel on sim 2 then leave mtn on sim one, make sure you on your data. If it didn't work out for you, then I'll suggest your return the phone back to mtn to change it for you. Afterall, you have 1yr warranty. They'll change it and give you another one or do something about it.

    • Tx for ur response Prof.
      I left glo on sim 2 overnight, when I woke up, It recognized it. with that excitement I tried etisalat (that is the network I wanted on sim 2) It did not recognise it I tried airtel too same story. So I was stuck with Mtn on sim1 and glo on sim2. I'll try leaving eisalat on sim 2 overnight and update you tomorrow wt my finding.
      Thanks once again.

  3. @ProfYomi, but i use glo bis on my S7020i, Ur Samsung friend, Excel helped me change the IMEI in Ibadan yesterday Thursday & and he said he'll still be in Ibadan today. I'm enjoying the glo bis, as it works flawlessly except that I have to managed Edge . But even glo's Edge is fast in Ibadan.
    Morover, he says when he comes to Ibadan next, he might help me unlock it so that i can use my glo on Sim One.

  4. Prof help me resolve dis issue on my laptop..'Warning: youcam cannot connect to your webcam lenovo easycamera …wat could b d solution?

  5. framaroot didn't work for mtn S720i i follow the method u gave above but did not work is showing error. Please give us another option

    • I think you are getting somethong wrong. I rooted two of those fones today with thesame framaroot you claim didn't work for you… How did you do it?

    • Yes, there is an alternative to using Glo bis except if you want use another network on your sim, but your imei can change. contact the guy that change that of Samsung users for them.

  6. I bought the phone S720i the Sim 1 is MTN while Sim 2 was Glo. When my data bundle expires on MTN Sim, decided to go for Airtel. After inserting the Airtel Sim, refuses to on, so had to flash the phone. Am not really enjoying the Airtel 2GB on the phone. Can't download from Play store and it is so slow, except my BBM and Whatsapp that are quite fast. To download, use my WIFI and am tired of using the WIFI on it. Please which will be the best network and data bundle for the phone. Thanks!


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