MTN BIS On Android & PC Back & Better

Mtn Bis on android and PC might have been blocked but its
still working for some people with a circumcised sim. Though sim selective, I
don’t know why but there is something more 
better than that. If you are a typical or heavy downloader, and you
really want to download heavy files, or you intend to use Mtn blackberry plan
on your Android or PC, then you need to read on.

MTN BBMIDID still rock so well on Android or PC. You won’t
have any problem with this so long you’ve use Simple server server before. As I
am talking to you, I have downloaded 1.8GB file on the internet and I’m still
testing it. Though they sent me a message that this package is just 15MB but I
doubt… and I like this kind of doubt because it is a profitable doubt.
How Can I Get MTN BBMID Working ON Android And PC?

==>Load your mtn sim with N100
to 21600
You’ll receive a
message welcoming you to MTN BBMIDID and your have 15MB. Just ignore it.
Your simple server
settings still maintain no change. Same thing goes for
Android users and PC users.
Don’t wait to be
told, download all you can download in Gb’s. I am still downloading!
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75 thoughts on “MTN BIS On Android & PC Back & Better”

  1. Please kindly help with simple server app(apk) + apn and configuration settings for this cheat.i'm a novice,someone help oooo

  2. If I use this to browse, will the MB get exhausted? Should it be used just for downloads? Yomi please reply, we need to be cleared. Thank you

  3. Is it still working? I subscribed for bbmid plan yesatady evening around 7pm,I was stil
    downloading till 4am dis morning but it has stopped work now and I av nt
    used it upto 24hrs? Or should I resubscribe again?

  4. Yomi you be bad guy… This thing is working like thunder… I can't believe I downloaded 4GB… How I wish this cheat is not exposed! Might be block soon.

    • Your is not correct… After you've benefitted from it. As a matter of fact, it is everywhere, and on every blog right now. So if mtn are going to block it, they'll need to cancel the plan.

      No Beefing…
      Prof welldone sir!

  5. Pls, utorrent proxy configuration. i insert the proxy and port. the utorrent status bar reads thus – D: 0.0kB/s T:55.8kB, U:0.0kB/s T:51.1kB

  6. pls yomiprof, how can i change the IP of adobe flash TO DIS MTN CHEAT so it can be updated. After downloading d update, it download move any further from the adobe app. jst stays at o%

  7. Pls I'm new to this, but I have simple server on my android. How do I configure it for my android and also my pc. Btw, you are doing a beautiful. job here

  8. Prof Yomi, I need help rooting my infinix joypad 10, so I can use autoproxy for this mtn bis. Kingroot and srs root could not root it.

  9. guys have you been able to download more than 5gb for the bbmidid plan?? The actual data cap is not as much as it was on bbcday. is there any plan that can exceed 5gb per subscription? thanks.


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