How To Get #500 From MTN Each Time You Recharge With #100

Hello guys, i know you are all having a great day. Well have got something
hot for you today. This I will be delighted in sharing with you vital information on  how MTN pays me #500 each time I recharge my MTN line. I know you can’t wait to dive into this
tweak as every normal human will like to make free calls.
For quite some time now, I have been enjoying this freebies from the so called MTN for the past six(6) months. At first I tought it was a kind of joke, not until when I tried it over and
over again and it keeps working for me.
Well, I know your appetite for this tweak is already wet and you can’t wait to be a
full part taker of it. Click to read more

This are the steps:

Look for an old MTN SIM that has not been in  used for
quite sometime
Slot it into your mobile phone and for the first time, MTN will give you #100, for remembering to use their network.
Free MTN Calls

Recharge with #100, and you will be compensated with
#500. That’s not all oooo. When you recharge with #200, you will be compensated
with #1,000.

As for me, I have three (3) MTN SIM and this is what
I normally do. One’s in two weeks, I slot in the first, and immediately, my SIM
will be credited with #100, as soon as I recharge with #200, it will equally be
credited with #1,000.

How long does it last?
Answer: As long as you can use it.

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