How I Got 40GB on Airtel For Free Using My Nokia Phone

Now I know that Networks competition is so high now. If MTN of all people can now enable Nigerians to browse with their bis subscription on system without any software, then naija telecoms is getting better. The other day, I posted a tweak on  how you can get 20gb on your blackberry subscription that will last you till 2014; incase you missed that  click here

Without wasting much of your goddamn time,  Airtel is seriously dishing out 5GB or 5123MB
absolutely Free,  This tutorial is hotter than fire.. Just follow the little steps below and get Started. Its
I have up to 40GB on my  Nokia Phone right about this moment. 

1. Compose a Text Message on your Phone using your airtel SIM, Type RD 50MB and send it to 797
( Type it exactly as it is)
2. You will Receive a Message from
Airtel that your Account has been Credited with 50MB.
3. Check your Data Bundle Balance by
Dialing *141*712*0# and you will see you have 5GB or 5123MB on your
4. The Bundle is to Expire by March,
But if you don’t want it to Expire, A day before the Bundle is to Expire, Load a
N1000 and Subscribe for the Airtel 100MB, All your GB will be Extended and you
can continue using it on Both Phone and Laptop. 
If you don’t know how to connect use it on your laptop, click here to get the tutorial on how to get started with on system.
>> You can Perform the Step 1 Above over and over again to Get
More GB for Free.
>> It works even if you dont
have 1 Kobo on your Phone.

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9 thoughts on “How I Got 40GB on Airtel For Free Using My Nokia Phone”

    • This tweak still rock perfectly. If you can finish your current subscription on time before the expiration period, then you can give it a try. I currently have 8.8gb left.

  1. please i need this… Thanks to Yomi im seeing good work. Please when it starts rocking let me know, i've not benefit from these tweak. I've only benefited a little from the glo free 5.mb, it was blocked three days after i know about it. Please bro when it starts working you should let me know. Thanks.


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