How I Got 23GB Data for N1000 on ntel Network

ntel 23GB data for N1000 – Hello People, sorry if I’m hyping too much but it’s just so sad that ntel is not in all the state, hence not everyone will enjoy this offer.

I’d recently shared with you how you can get 12GB with just N1000 on ntel but there is something I didn’t disclose to you which is how to get ntel 23GB data with just N1000. I know you all love data awoof and in my location the speed is awesome.

ntel 23GB data for N1000

Getting yourself a new ntel sim will automatically qualify you for ntel wawu offer of free 10GB + 1GB on another sim + N1000 free airtime. Then how do you get ntel  23GB data with just N1000? Find out below;

You are going to love this if you are heavy downloader, addicted video streamer or unrepentant data waster. Some of you have used more than 100GB this month already in which I’m not surprise and yet you hide yourself under the shield of heavy internet user.

How do I Get ntel 23GB data for just N1000?

Its simple, if you’ve already bought your sim, you have 10GB + 1GB + N1000 airtime

>>Login to your ntel dashboard by going to, and you’ll see your free N1000 airtime and 10GB data

>>Click on bundle purchase –> Data only plans –> select Wawu 2GB for N1000 as seen below

ntel 23GB data for N1000

>>You’ll be given wawu 12GB for N1000.

Choose to pay with your account balance (which is the free N1000 airtime given to you by ntel). Wait few minutes and your 22GB will reflect on dashboard.

Yet, Mtn gives you 20GB for N5000 if you are qualified for double data offer, Airtel gives you 25GB for N10000 and ntel gives you 23GB for N1000… now tell me who is the grand master of data?


source: YomiProf

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40 thoughts on “How I Got 23GB Data for N1000 on ntel Network”

  1. this is the grand Master of grand MASTERS. I can’t benefit from this now, but I’m gonna spread the news ASAP!

  2. Airtel gives 25gb for N1000? How. I mistakenly used my N1000 to subscribe for the ordinary plan instead of the wawu plan. I later had to load again and subscribe for the wawu plan.

  3. ahh. ntel. I can only congratulate those that have the network coverage in their area. I’ll keep waiting till it gets here

  4. I have been using their unlimited plan since last year its super fast. Prof any update about their roaming plan with 9mobile and mtn?

  5. Data yafunyafun galore for those that live in PH Lag and Abj. My congratulations ? go to guys gals dt live in places mentioned.

  6. See enjoyment by the time this ntel get to every state now, there brain will format. the will be behaving like other networks, by reducing there data.

  7. hello oga Yomi! I cant locate the buy data bundle page. pls where do i find that? I’ve logged in yet i cant find it…. thanks


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