Ntel Wawu Sim: Get 500% Data Bonus + Free 10GB Data

So I decided to try out ntel wawu
sim to atleast have a firsthand experience of ntel promo recently launched. Got
their sim registered for N1000. I was given 2 sim. The first one contains 1GB to
last for 48hours and the second sim contains 10GB + 1000 airtime free to last for 30days.

Ntel wawu sim is a new promo the company recently launched
few weeks ago, it offers all subscribers a massive 10GB of
data + 500% double data bonus when you subscribe to any data
plan on Ntel. You also get a cheap call rate of 8kb/sec from the
bonus you get after the data purchase.  

A big advantage here is you get 1GB of data when you
purchase Ntel wawu SIM. The 1GB free data is valid for
the next 48 hours after purchase. 

And on the second sim, you’ll also get free 10GB data  and is valid for 30
The free 500% data bonus which you get when you buy a data
plan is valid for a year.  For
instance if you subscribe for their month data plan, N500 which is 1GB, you’ll
receive 6GB data,
N1000 subscription which is 2GB will give you 12GB and the same applies to
the voice and other data plan.

You can also enjoy unlimited 2 days night plan for N500. Unlimited 7days
night plan for N1500 and 30 days for N5000.

The 8kb/sec cheap call
rate is also valid for a year and applies to all
outgoing calls to every call networks in Nigeria.  

The speed is quite good here at my location and it works on my smartphone
and my universal Wi-Fi. This seems to be the best offer right now if you are
looking to hold on to something cheap.

This offer will last till 30th of April 2018. Are you rocking it? Tell us your experience…

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35 thoughts on “Ntel Wawu Sim: Get 500% Data Bonus + Free 10GB Data”

    • I was in Ogun State last week, I had to remove my ntel sim and use 9mobile till I got back to Lagos. I think once Nigerians fully embrace the network other states would start to enjoy their services. Hopefully, it would not be long.

  1. My luck didn't shine the day I went there to get the wawu sim. They were upgrading their system, one of their staff collected my number and promised to bring the sim to my house but I didn't get her call. Crazy girl

  2. Their network is really really super in my area… Sadly, I went to their office but they said there are specific phones that work with it, they said Note 4 pro isn't one of it… Too sad

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