Airtel Finally Launched Unlimited Data Packages… The Price Will Shock You

This is what we have anticipated for, waited for and now it
has been silently launched without any word from the big boys called Airtel.
When you have it unlimited, it means you can download anyhow, surf anyhow and
even share your connections to other device without minding what they download.

Airtel NG has earlier teased an unlimited package and now,
they have silently launched the plan without any word from them.
The Unlimited package comes in 3 different packages, meaning
you can choose anyone that best suite you.
Airtel Unlimited Packages
You can dial *141# and follow prompts or dial the below
>>N10,000 Unlimited Packages/ Validity is 30days
>>N15,000 Unlimited Packages/ Validity is 30days
>>N20,000 Unlimited Packages/ Validity is 30days
How Can I Activate it?
For N10,000 Unlimited packages, dial *471#
For N15,000 Unlimited package, dial *463#
For N20,000 unlimited package, dial *351#
What is actually not clear at the moment is how many Gigs is
embedded in each packages… but surely, fair usage policy apply.
I was actually expecting unlimited packages with smaller
prices like N4000, but this actually kept me mute. What is your take on this?
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39 thoughts on “Airtel Finally Launched Unlimited Data Packages… The Price Will Shock You”

  1. This is serious ooooo… In this abundance of Nigeria one will pay #10000, #20000 for data subscription for a month….. Let me be managing my #1000 for 3gb sub a month till then… For now not viable

  2. but na unlimited dem call am nah, why is the price different with the same validity period? ayam nt understanding!

  3. I think they have another surprise on the way. I got this SMS today "Enjoy the New Airtel 4G  Data Modems. The speed is unimaginable!! Rush now to Airtel Showroom @ 82, Ikot Ekpene Road Uyo and get yours now! A surprise awaits you!!!!"

  4. Guys the subscription is ok if what they are saying is true. it's unlimited. the unlimited 10 means that u can share ur data with only upto 10 people. You can share ur data with only 15 people with unlimited 15. You can share ur data with only 20 people with unlimited 20. This subscription is good for business people or for companies. Wish they can give us unlimited 1 for even 5k .

  5. Its cheap.
    I use spectranet 40gig a month
    For 12500 and ive been using them for like 8months
    I am happy thisbhas come out.
    I will unlock my spectranet and buy airtel
    Spectranet is a scam
    10k when u compare it to dollars is about 28 dollars
    Its cheap.
    But i will wait till im sure its truly unlimited.
    And the speed pass spectranet own
    Ma speed is 2mb/1mb at times 800kb
    All on fraudulent spectranet 4g scam

  6. unlimited 10 means you will still be able to browse but your speed will be reduced to 256kbps when you use up to 40GB.That is Fair usage policy limit. unlim 15 is 65GB Unlim 20 is 100GB


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