Teaser: Airtel Unlimited Data Plan Coming Soon!

My own definition of unlimited data plans is download until mama calls… And I’m guessing, this is what Airtel want to give you.
If you are very conversant with social media most especially twitter, you’ll notice that Airtel NG have one of the best video advert so far and now again, they’ve given another astonishing video advert, a pointer in the right direction… telling you that unlimited data is coming soon.
I’d long waited for this unlimited data offering from our Telcos and hopefully Airtel is planning to unleash it soon… Maybe or maybe not their 4G LTE might be launched as well.
What’s your take on this?

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29 thoughts on “Teaser: Airtel Unlimited Data Plan Coming Soon!”

  1. Believe me this will be wonderfully wonderful if true my airtel can really do unlimited because I don't believe any GSM company in Nigeria can do unlimited data, maybe because the way they have be treating us sha,
    Even NTEL that start is don take style reverse back

  2. I love the advert
    But why the guy don't want his guy to bring in all the bunch devices , after all it's unlimited or they attached that stupid English word to the unlimited? FAIR USSAGE

  3. Im currently using spectranet.
    For the last six months
    The highest speed is get is 1.5mb
    Be it day o be it night
    I do sub of 12500 which gives me 40gig plus free night browsing.but the speed is damn slow.
    Incant download more than 5 movies in the whole of 6hrs.
    Such a shame.
    Weni. Call cc.its we are working on it.
    There is nothing like 4g
    My apeed varies from 80kb to 1.5mb
    This is 2g and 3g speed
    On a 4g lte modem/portable wifi modem.
    Such a shame.
    I weep for africa
    Naija is a scam.
    Dia so called unlimited both spectranet and smile
    Is capped with 100gig.
    Imagine sayin unlimiited for 18k but capped with 100gig.
    Such a scam

    Dnt beli3ve anything frm airtel


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