How To Download And See Private Pictures On Facebook

Everyone of us  might be excited to see private
of our crushes, friends and even an unknown person who caught your
eye while browsing through facebook.  Watching a person’s photo protected by  privacy
settings without their knowledge sounds cool. Well, I’ll quickly and easily
show you how you can do that with ease.

How Can I View FB Private Fotos?
===>Open the person’s facebook profile (whose picture you want to see) now
right click
on their profile picture then click on copy image url as
shown in the picture below.
==>Now open your profile and then click on your FB
profile pic
. Then once the picture opens again right click on your
photo and click on inspect element as shown below.
==>Click on <IMG> tag in the html code &
You can see the Highlighted code in the ELEMENTS label,Right
click on the highlighted tag and click on copy link address 
==>Now paste this URL in a new window then replace the
other person’s selected code
with  your  selected code as shown below
==>Select the other persons ending code and copy it. Copy
only highlighted URL as show below.
==>Replace the ending code of your image with copied code
of the other person’s image  then click on enter you can see the full size
image of the other person
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