How To Download Blackberry Paid App For Free

I’ll be brief just like the way I was brief when I shared
how you can download Android paid app for free. This tutorial goes to all
blackberry users who have been finding it difficult to download paid apps of
their choice. I’m going to present to you the easiest way to download bb paid
apps and your favorite paid games for free.  Regardless of the type of Blackberry you are
using, whether defected

, buffeted or demented blackberry device, so long it’
carries blackberry logo, then you are good to go.

Hey… Don’t be in haste, relax and grab a cup of coffee while
I pilot this tutorial; I promise you won’t crash-land. 
How Can I Download BB Paid Apps & Games For Free
I’ll quickly share with you two ways you can do that.
==>Blackberry Seeker: Blackberry seeker is a unique site
that offers you almost all paid apps, games and themes for free. If there is any
app you’ve wanted to download like Call recorder for bb10 and you see $1.99,
just go straight to blackberry seeker to download it for free. It’s a must
visit site for all bb game lovers.
==>Hadi Ismail Blog For Blackberry: is another unique
site where the owner choose to offer unique, highly exceptional blackberry paid
themes for free. For all theme lovers, I think you need to visit this site.
Once you’ve downloaded the app or game of your choice, it
will be in .bar extension; before you install it, you’ll need to sideload it
into your device. To learn more about sideloading, please click here.
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24 thoughts on “How To Download Blackberry Paid App For Free”

  1. i cant install whatsapp on my samsung gts7582,i was told insuficient space.i successfuly installed it on my tecno m3,pls help.secondly,i cant create a yahoo account on my android am having problem with the verification code page.just kp repeating the page after entering the code.please help

    • Is your Samsung rooted? if not root it and use this tutorial here
      to deal with the insufficient space issue.

      The problem is from them concerning your yahoo acct. JUST create it from a pc then log in with your android.

  2. yomi am havin problem with my tecno p3 if i open my camera it will show process has stopped unexpectedly

  3. Yomi thanks a lot for this tutorial. At a point there I almost felt u forgot ur BB peeps. Recently my Bold 9900 keeps hanging what could be the problem. Any advice?

  4. It keeps hanging bcos u might have install an incompatible theme or app.

    If this keeps on happening, try removing/uninstalling some apps on your device and see if that works. The phone hangs because there are a lot of apps running on the background and your phone can`t keep up with them. So uninstall some apps that you don`t find really useful. If that does not work, then reset your phone to factory settings. This is supposed to work because your phone is reverted back to its initial settings where none of your downloaded apps is installed on. If still hangs, then it might be some hardware error.

  5. Yomi please I need your help, my china tablet is saying invalid IMEI after I did factory reset. Please any solution? Thanks

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    • happy Easter King Luggard, i'll like to say it is worth going for if actually what this guy said is real. But you made mention of #500, how come 5k at the end of your post.

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  10. mr yomi, my galaxy tab 3 bluetooth and wifi doesn't switch on, it says "turning on" for hours. If it eventually on after abt an hour, d screen goes blank and i av to restart which turns d bluetooth off again. Need Help Asap

  11. Prof pls I tried signing up with the blackberry seeker and it keeps asking for "verify code". Pls I don't know where to get this from.


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