Mtn Weekly 25MB Now Upgraded To 150MB

To all die hard fans of Mtn Nigeria, who have refused to
give up on that network… Mtn Nigeria has breaking news for you according to
what they posted on their twitter handle, 
that weekly 25mb has now been upgraded to 150mb @N500 only. 

So be informed that it’s no longer 25mb but 150mb should in-case
you’ve been using it on your Nokia Phones or Android.
To activate it, just text 103 to 131 and it will be up and
running. My hands are still crossed earnestly expecting a better plan for
Android users.
Happy Surfing!
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12 thoughts on “Mtn Weekly 25MB Now Upgraded To 150MB”

  1. prof i subscribed for the etisalat pulse but the give me weekly mb and when it finishes they deduct ordinary money not per 5min. any passible solution?

    • So long you've finished the weekly mb you subscribed for, they will automatically charge you from your money and not 5min. The 5min package is another one entirely that you need to subcribe for if you need it and they charge you #15 per 5min.

    • prof what i did was that i recharged my etisalat easy click line and they gave me 5mb for recharge. i then dialed *229*5*9# when i finished the mb they go straight to the cash not the code plan i dialled. is it not still working. spent almost 500 but no result.

  2. Pls yomi my system just lost its sound…it has no sound again just lyk dt…i used 100tools driver to update d sound drive…after d installation…i cnt stil hear any sound atal

    • Hello Anonym,
      You need to perform system restore to revert it back to it's original state. To do that, follow the instructions below;
      For Window 7:
      ==>Navigate to the Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools program group.

      ==>Click on the System Restore program icon.

      ==>Click Next > on the Restore system files and settings window.

      ==>Choose the restore point that you want to use.
      ==>Click Next >
      ==>Click Finish on the Confirm your restore point window to begin the System Restore.

      For Window 8, click on this link How to System Restore Window8

  3. @Yomi…Am nt usin Win 7 or 8…am usin win Xp Sp2…i hv done d system restore bt stil yet no sound..i even formatted it…bt stil nt workin…wt do i hv 2do again?

  4. Ooooo goosssh! U formatted it? Dat means d sound driver is gone but u can get it bk. Just get Driver Pack solution and ur sound will be back.


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