Do It Yourself Method Of Unlocking Any Blackberry Phone

I put up this post because of individual who have been
consistently asking me to put up a post on it. If you’ve been privilege to see
some blackberry or iPhone sent from outside, you’ll noticed that it’s normally
locked to a network; which means you won’t be able to use any SIM on it except
it is unlocked. However, smart guys around are ripping  enough malachi from novice pocket just to
unlock their device.

I’ll quickly share with you a simple trick on how to unlock
any Blackberry device for free without paying a dime to anyone. 
How Can I Unlock Any BB Device For Free?
I’ll just go straight to the point
What You Need
==>IMEI (Just press *#06#) to get your IMEI
==>Carrier locked to
==>Model and PRD No (You can easily get your PRD No below
your battery)
I’m going to present you the do it yourself method of
unlocking your locked blackberry device; before I do that, it’s pretty much
easier to unlock your device using  IMEI
and MEP than using PRD and IMEI. Whichever you prefer to use, the Calculator
will give it to you.
How To Get You MEP For Quick Unlocking
==>Download MEP Reader and Blackberry driver here
==>Connect your bb device to a pc using usb cable, your
IMEI and MEP will be displayed
Where Can I Download The BB Calculator?
==>Download it here
==>I don’t need to give extra tutorial on that as it
interface is very easy to use. Just make sure your PRD and IMEI or MEP and IMEI
are in place then you are good to go.
Note: You have just 10 trial attempts so if you have typed
in a wrong unlock code 10 times you will have no attempt left leaving your
blackberry permanently locked.
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4 thoughts on “Do It Yourself Method Of Unlocking Any Blackberry Phone”

  1. Nice work bro… About whatsapp issue do I still need to use my previous mobile number.. When filling info? Any unlimited or 3g mtn monthly bis?

  2. pls yomi, there is this blue icon that shows on my blackberry all day, thinking it was a notification, but it's not. pls how can it be removed

  3. Nice information really useful for those who want to unlock their Blackberry phone from network lock. However i got my Blackberry 9720 phone unlocked from network lock at here they helped me to unlock my phone using unlock code .

  4. Prof abeg. I flash mi galaxy S2. Wen I boot it up it display unlock sim network. Pls how do I unlock the sim network??? I can't use mi line to make calls or browse. I only receive calls wit it. Pls help.

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