Update: Learn How To Reactivate Your Free Mtn 3GB Now

Good morning friends, I guess we are all enjoying our
freebies. Please, I want to sincerely tender my heartfelt apologies to my
esteemed and cherished mobile viewers who always access my site via mobile
phones. For quit some couples of days now, my updates has not been viewable  on mobile due to some reasons; so all the freebies
others who access the site via desktop are enjoying, mobile viewers can’t
access it. I promise, that by Monday everything will be fixed. This contributed
to the reason why I hav’nt posted any update on Glo and etisalat free browsing.
As soon as it’s fixed, you will see my updates.

Back to business; It’ so unfortunate that MTN
technical adviser is not sound enough to block this August freebies. I’d received
a lots of text messages from my enviable fans telling me that the tweak is
blocked but it’s not block at all.
Maybe your own stop working or you noticed that you can no
longer browse with it, just chill because you will soon be back into business.
If you have subscribed before and suddenly, it stopped
browsing just do the followings:
Send 100H to 131 (Repeat the process over and
over again)
You should receive a message that your 100H is
Connect and browse with it.
Once you subscribed, Please don’t do the following:

Do not send 2 to 131 or you will receive a
message that you don’t have an active plan
Do not send any other code to 131. In-short make 131
a perfect enemy’ number that you will never dial except your browsing stop.
Then you can now repeat the process.
I just reactivated my MTN sim this morning again and that is
what I’m using to post this tutorial. Enjoy this free 3GB while it last.
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58 thoughts on “Update: Learn How To Reactivate Your Free Mtn 3GB Now”

  1. Yippppeeee
    ———-Second to comments. Yomii i just reactivated my own back again. Inshort, it is even faster than before.

  2. Yomi good morning, I wanted toinform you of this n others. But u no longer respond on we chats.
    Meanwhile u can activate the magic sim with 2h all u need to do. Is send your reset I capital letters eg RESET

    I av activate over 6 sims this morning effort seeing this

    • Don't mind me bro.. i had logd out and i did'nt know i did. but i will log in back bro. Tnks for the update. Together we can make Nigeria a better place to live with freebies actively activated.

    • Please where do we send RESET to, is it to 131 again, and which message do we recieve that will make us assured that we have gotten the magic sim activated?

  3. Mtn has not blocked it oooo. I just activated mine. Maybe some sims are not allowed sha. This is the second time am activating this thing on my mtn sim and it worked like magic.
    Just don't send Reset or 2 to 131

  4. ok.. i tried activating on another sim this morning and it was saying "sorry, the service you want to buy, 100h is not available. thank you" but the sim i activated last night is still working but dead slow..

  5. House, dont give up keep sending till its activated. Enjoying mortal kombat on my pc already. All thanks to yomiprof.

  6. mine works both on mobile and on my pc. I don't know why some people complain that theirs don't work, maybe it is just network problems you're facing. I use the normal mtn apn (web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net)

  7. Mine too is still working fine here at my end oooo. Am currently in Abuja and it connects like madt. Mayb you guys should check your netwok

  8. Hey tankz Boss, i cnt activate again. Dy reply me i dnt enough crdit to perform d operation, wat nxt shud i do… I remind ur boy ROY MODRIC "SUNDAY.

    • Lucky, i don know you since the dance of Magic Sim — The Destiny of a free browsing lies in the hand of one man. His name is ….

  9. Prof, I hear a few people still talking about the magic sims (the 24/1 hour hacked sims) that got blocked a few months back, do they still work? Should I try to activate it again? If so, what method?

  10. tega goddowell August 10, 2013 at 7:38 PM
    alat networks for free here GET UNLIMITED MTN
    GOT THIS TWEAK FROM MY PAL. Lets go straight to the point.
    With this you can send 5GB
    to your friends without
    having the GB on your sim…
    This is strictly working like
    mad… FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW: [1] DIAL *131*1*1# [2]
    Send [CHANGE 0000 1234
    1234] TO 131 [3]
    1234# NOTE:-YOU CAN NOT

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