Airtel Launch New Package, Offers Customers 100% Recharge Value as Bonus Data

Airtel Nigeria has launched the new SmartConnect package
that is enriched with additional bonuses to give extra value to its customers.

Airtel Nigeria says it is offering 100 per cent value of a
customer’s recharge as extra data in addition to the eight times instant bonus
customers get on every recharge.
The SmartConnect 4.0 also known as overjara x8 is conceived
to empower telecom consumers to do more, call more and enjoy more.

According to Airtel NG, when a customer buys a new SIM, registers and
inserts it in a device, he/she begins to enjoy the ‘Ovajara’ 8 times bonus and
in addition gets the total value of his recharge as data bonus by end of the

For instance, if a customer recharges with N200, he/she gets N200 in his
main account and receives a bonus of N500 for voice calls, N500 for data, with
an additional N200 airtime to call family & friends, and an extra bonus of
N200 for social (WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and BBM), which makes a total of
N1600 airtime on every N200 recharge.

I believe this offer is to entice new customers and if
possible to make old airtel customers buy a new sim.
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15 thoughts on “Airtel Launch New Package, Offers Customers 100% Recharge Value as Bonus Data”

  1. that one is just to attract new customers. Airtel are not serious. they should start giving 200% or100% bonus in every recharge without any different pin code. with glo I can get 2k bonus when I recharged 1k. I can buy data with my main balance of 1k and still have 2k bonus.

  2. Good day Gurus
    I need to download some heavy files of around 50gb and i need an affordable or free data to do so.
    I was thinking of Airtel or Etisalat Night Plans but the issue is they can't be renewed (accumulated) except after 24 hrs.
    Please i would appreciate any good suggestion.


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