Step By Step Guide on How to Order Goods From Gearbest And Have it Delivered to Your House Address

This post is for future newbie and current newbie who want
to order directly from gearbest but doesn’t know how to go about it. Relax and
follow me carefully with a cup of red wine in your hands.
Gearbest is one of the largest e-commerce sites that deal in
all manner of electronics depending on what you wanna buy. Don’t panic, I have
been buying from Gearbest for a very long time and I just place an order of 3D
eye glass for just $8.99 this evening.

So I’ll quickly show you how to place an order on gearbest
and have it delivered to your house address free of charge.
What You Need to Start Shopping on Gearbest
==>A Master card or PayPal account
==>SmartPhone or laptop with access to internet
==>Gearbest customers account 

How Can I Start Buying From Gearbest?

==>Go to and search for the product you want
to get
==>In my case, I search for Doogee X5 and it came up for
$68.45 (N13,700)
==>Click on add to cart
==>it will bring you to the next stage (if you have a PayPal account just click on “check out wit PayPal”, and if you don’t, “Proceed to check out“)
==>It will bring you to this place as seen in the image
==>Click on “I don’t have an account”>>>Register
with your valid email and password>>> Fill in your info and correct
==>Choose your method of payment if not Paypal, use your
master card and a confirmation email will be sent to your email
==>Confirm your order and a tracking ID will be given to
you for the item you’ve chosen to buy.
Note it’s free delivery nationwide depending on the type of shipment
you choose. 10 – 25 days and you have it at your door step.
You can use the comment box to ask your questions.
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  2. prof help… for those of us who upgraded infinix hot to lollipop bfollowing your guide.. how can we root after upgrading. pllllssss. iroot, kingroot etc are not working. tnx

  3. pls sir how good is that doogee x5 you buying, i saw that the are giving a 55% discount, how much would it cost in total to bring the phone to Nigeria. Lastly i saw something like flash sales on the sight how does it work, tanx.

    • I'm not buying Doogee X5, I only use it to review this post. Instead I bought a 3D Google eye glass. However, I can give you a sleek preview of that Doogee X5.

      Its a mid range smartphone, runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop and support OTA update, 5mp rear cam, 2mp front camera with 2200mAh battery capacity. 5inch

      Like I said its a mid range phone. The amount you see on their site is the total cost, They do Flash sales but not on this one and the 55% off you saw made the phone to reduce to that price from $150

    • Verve? I'm not sure but you can easily demand for a normal master card. By the way, most banks don't give verve card this days to customers cos they've realise the need to use your cards online.

  4. Please don't mislead people… Stop calculating dollar at the rate of N200. It's over N220.

    Also don't assure every one with Mastercard of PayPal account, some banks don't allow it. Ecobank for example don't allow connection with PayPal for now. I hate misinformation

    • Mr fabulous… its not over N220 its actually N219.9….. dont go according to google because right now as at the time am writing this reply a dollar to Naira on google is N199 which is far away from 219. And just bank with GTbank when you have series of dealings….its preferable


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