Ntel 500% Wawu Data Reloaded – Scam or Real?

Ntel Nigeria just cleared our doubt with their latest updates on their twitter handle, courtesy of R&BMusic.

Except if you are subscribing for unlimited monthly plan of N17500 to last you for 30 days, or unlimited night classic of N5000 with 30 days validity, every other plans is not recommendable.

Wawu 12GB for N1000 is gone for life and it will take a miracle for it to come back. Ntel recently posted on their social handle the update of the new plan and how you can recharge it.

ntel data wawu

According to ntel,

More data! More excitement! More fun! with WAWU Reloaded. All you need to do is, buy a WAWU plan and get 500% data bonus instantly!!! Available to new and existing customers. Visit www.quickteller.com/ntel to subscribe.

The 500% data bonus they are making reference to can be seen below;

WAWU 2000 ₦2000 2GB 4GB 6GB 7 Days 8k/s for national calls
WAWU 4000 ₦4000 4GB 12GB 16GB 7 Days 8k/s for national calls
WAWU 8500 ₦8500 9GB 36GB 45GB 14 Days 8k/s for national calls
WAWU 10000 ₦10,000 16GB 80GB 98GB 14 Days 8k/s for national calls


Airtel 16GB for N2000 (if you know… you know) and Glo currently rocks my boat. If you are still using Ntel, kindly let us know if the wawu plan still works for you or the 500% bonus they are making reference to is different from the above.

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29 thoughts on “Ntel 500% Wawu Data Reloaded – Scam or Real?”

  1. Prof ! Happy New Year
    Being a while, anyways am back. Plz am interested in the Airtel (Airtel 16GB for N2000). Kindly put me through and if possible do a post on it thanks..

    Greetings to everyone reading this page..

  2. Felt like i was the only one mad at this their new wawu plans.. They no just try, back to glo tho. Slow network but no other good option

  3. This is the worst, I bought Ntel sim from August 2018 till now, it hasn’t been active.

    I never liked them for ones, only their free browsing glitch is what is keep users to the network


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