Ntel N1000 for 12GB Wawu Plan Discontinued – See The Revised Plans Below

I must confess that 2018 was the best year for Ntel, and all Ntel subscribers must have enjoyed the network and probably still enjoying the network.

N1000 for 12GB and N2000 for 24GB was a life saver, pocket saver and data saver in 2018. However, few months before the end of 2018, ntel encountered a problem that made them shut down their site(myntel.com.ng) till this very moment.

Subscribing to any ntel data plans in 2018 was a torture, torment and even made some faint-hearted subscribers depressed… because on other network you get 1.5GB for N1000 compared to what you get on ntel network.

This is the 4th day of 2019 and we decided to dig deeper the way forward about Ntel and their wawu plans. Here are our findings below;

Ntel wawu plan of N1000 for 12GB has been discontinued. Unlimited weekly is now N5000 and no longer N3750. The expiry dates for the Revised ntel wawu plan have been reduced to 7 /14 days.

Old WAWU Plans

ntel revised wawu

WAWU N500 for 6GB, Validity 30 days

WAWU N1000 for 12GB, validity 30 days

WAWU N2,500 FOR 24GB, validity 30 days

WAWU N3,000 for 48GB, validity 30 days

WAWU N7,500 for 96GB, validity 30 days

Revised New Ntel WAWU Plans

ntel revised wawu

WAWU N2000 for 6GB, Validity 7days

WAWU N4000 for 16GB, validity 7days

WAWU N8,500 FOR 45GB, validity 14 days

WAWU N10,000 for 96GB, validity 14 days

Also note that Unlimited Weekly price is now N5000, while the unlimited monthly remain unchanged.

Now you should be thinking of alternative network if you are not satisfied with the new revised ntel wawu plan. Let us know what you think.

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32 thoughts on “Ntel N1000 for 12GB Wawu Plan Discontinued – See The Revised Plans Below”

  1. Chai! they got burnt real good. But what’s the problem with some of the folks in management. When they were fixing the old wawu plans, didnt they take things into consideration? so bad.

  2. I don’t blame them. Because thousands of people on Twitter and Facebook are begging them for wawu subscription. What’s need of subscribing 2k for 6gig for just 7days. When I can get airtel 3gig for 1k. Everyone will dump their sim

  3. I am not surprised about Ntel. They could not maintain to sustain the 12GB for 1K. As Yomi rightly said… To subscribe for the 12K was like nail to break a concrete wall without hammer. It was indeed pathetic! Why start what you can’t sustain just in 3 states. They should clap for Glo na.

    The question is who will even subscribe to their data plans after removing the 12GB for 1K? That was exactly their selling point. With this, they are even increasing Glo customers. They have succeeded in shooting themselves in d leg by reducing the volume of their data. I even doubt if they will see money to buy diesel for their mask generators or even pay workers.

  4. Glo is still the real grand master of data though very slow in some locations.

    am still on glo 1.2gb for 200 dat do last me 14 days or more.

  5. I was at their office yesterday to sub, this revised plan was shown to me, i just turned back and left.. Dusting my glo sim since yesterday coz i don’t want to see invalid sim, my sweetheart Glo ?

  6. The old and would have worked if they were in other states apart from Lagos, Abuja and Porthacourt. At least massive transaction volumes would have covered their tracks.

  7. Is there a way of checking your data bundle even if you choose to pick up the plans they have on offer? Plus the customer care service of ntel is terrible. You don’t get any response from them. Be it on Facebook, Twitter or instagram. Emailing them self na no go area.


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