What is ntel up to this time? Full data but not surfing

What is ntel upto this time around? After several weeks of giving users terrible internet experience, now you have the data staring at you eye ball to eye ball but you can’t make use of it.

Users have been complaining since on Sunday, those who got their Wawu 12GB activated over the weekend that they can’t browse with it. It’s not loading, not opening any page and yet no word from ntel on what is wrong or when it will be fix.

You can access your balances but can’t surf with it. Is anybody else experiencing this ish?



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25 thoughts on “What is ntel up to this time? Full data but not surfing”

  1. I don’t know why we always prefer quantity over quality in this country. Haven’t we heard enough of Ntel scams? Yet Alot of Nigerians are still rushing to subscribe for fake wawu daily just bcos of the mouth watery offer of 12GB for 1000naira. What shall it profit a man that gained the whole data in the world but can’t open Google homepage? I will rather have 1gig for 1000naira with decent speed than have 30TB for 5naira that I will get hypertension before I can browse.

  2. Am very surprised to hear pple say they cant use their ntel data! Cos I attempted subscribing on Sunday afternoon and was told its successful but should wait for a moment. when I checked my account yesterday. truly i’ve been activated and I’ve been using my data since then. even as i type right now.
    I did sub for a colleague last night and was confirmed working….

  3. Mine is working perfectly well. Maybe their settings is ok… if ntel as the apn isn’t working, try using vox as ur apn

  4. Hmm maybe they have problem in some area. Mine is browsing, I have even downloaded about 12 1080 films with it. Though it’s capped to 400kb but with cymberghost vpn am getting upto 800kb. They will fix it

  5. Oh damn. After i recharge on there portal yesterday.The credit wasnt reflecting to subscribe. Hard to go through the stress of messaging them on facebook and email.I know they dont have an effective 24hours service. I waited today and got a reply of it being resolved and my plan subscribed for me. I started streaming movie with it,only for it to stop later on. I thought the network has gone off as usual and might be back immediately or few min or hours.To my surprise, there was network. I have off my mifi tired,no level,only thing i can do is open the portal.The stress that comes with ntel is crazy

  6. I also experienced it on 2 Sims. It happens when u send request for data more than once so when the first one is processed, it starts browsing when the next one is processed, u get an error and that’s the end. I think they did it on purpose cos there was a time it helped me accumulate data up to 48gb for 1k….. good times.

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