ntel website is back online – Kindly Check

Finally, ntel website is up and running, those of you that have not been able to access the website for more than a month now should check.

If you’ve recently recharge and activate your wawu data plan of 12GB, you should also check if you’ll be able to check your data balance. No word on why the site was down from the management of ntel, nor if it’s a system upgrade.

Kindly check if you are using ntel and let us know if the site works without any more errors.

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25 thoughts on “ntel website is back online – Kindly Check”

  1. I used it yesterday after i activated my wawu. The site working fluidly.
    Ntel is not really working on iphone? No signal since yesterday and have not been able to use my data.

  2. I tried crediting my Ntel account from their website yesterday, I was debited twice and my account was never credited, I don’t even know what to do. Tried reaching them on twitter, sent mails plus their customer care line isn’t even going through

    • Hello Wale, Is your sim registered? I have actually recharged by myself on Saturday, and wawu data activated but as at Sunday night, the data ain’t browsing. I guess they are still working on it.

  3. Yeah, registered
    I was using it already before it stopped recently so registration has been done. I see the struggle people go through to activate their data and I’m scared because my own issue is even different. I guess I’ll just keep hitting them up on twitter and via mails


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