Have You been Scammed by iTunes, Amazon Gift Cards Exchanger’s?

This is what we must try to avoid by all means scamming people… Karma is a bitch and definitely knows everyone’s address.

I’ve been receiving lots of complaints from readers concerning some unscrupulous element scamming innocent readers who wish to change their iTunes, Amazon gift cards etc and ended up being scammed by the exchanger.


Most of the posts on iTunes, Amazon gift card exchange on this site are sponsored post and it breaks my heart to see that some of them are scammers. I’d chatted about 3 of them up on whatsApp after receiving lot of complaints from readers that they scammed them but  these guys are not remorseful about it, hence this call out.

I’m really sorry to those of you who have been scammed and I’ll really urge you to drop their name, site and number via the comment section below so that others won’t fall victim. Whoever scammed you, drop their names, site address and number below… Let’s prevent these scammers from having their way with others.

I only know of one genuine exchanger which I’ve been in business with for up to 3years.

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28 thoughts on “Have You been Scammed by iTunes, Amazon Gift Cards Exchanger’s?”

  1. that’s really terrible, we can only grow as a nation if we all personally opt to do the right thing. scamming isn’t the way.

  2. I’ve been send twice by people I added there number from this website first is keycard he scammed me of $100 and the second is g card he scammed me of $350

  3. Chaii! God punish all these scammers! Heartless people! Kindly contact us if you have a giftcard to sell,we are legit ? & your are safe to transact with us .We load fast & pay Fast!!
    Call/WA; 070********
    Our IG Page; @*********

    • Hello Oovi Asema, So sorry about this. This is the main reason why I set up this post so that others won’t fall victim. I didn’t recommend Gcardings or Keycardlink. it was a sponsored post which I’ve since taken their contact details down so that others won’t fall victim.

      So sorry bro.

      P.s If you are reading this, stay away from Gcardings and Keycardlinks… they are not trusted.

  4. Please if you are reading this stay away from gcardings.com they scammed $350. Trade your cards with C********s they are reliable and honest than this stupid gcardings. The lord of karma will get you gcardings.

  5. Yes, Jennifer that gcardings are scammers, I lost $250 iTunes from them this morning. I thank God I didn’t send everything to them but tried c*********gs. They are trustworthy. God will surely get you gcardings.


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