Telecom Operators Lose 10 million Subscribers

Nigeria’s $70 billion telecommunications industry ended year
2017 with 145 million active subscribers, after loosing 10 million customers
within the period.

Subscriber statistics released yesterday by the Nigerian Communications
Commission (NCC), which confirmed this, also showed that the teledensity
crashed, loosing 7%.
The NCC statistics showed that MTN still controlled the
market and finished the year with 36.2% market share and 51.4million subscribers.
It is followed by Globacom with 37 million subscribers and 26.4% market share.
Airtel now controlled 25. 3% of the market with 35.9 million subscribers. 9mobile
has 12.03% market share with 17 million subscribers.
Analysis of the statistics showed that the industry started
the year with 155 million subscriptions and 110 per cent teledensity, but
within the 12 months period, so many subscribers dropped their telephone lines.
Analyst also claim that increase in the usage of
Over-The-Top voice applications such as Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook Messenger,
among others, also impacted negatively on the adoption of mobile services from
the operators.
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15 thoughts on “Telecom Operators Lose 10 million Subscribers”

  1. Am actually not surprised at the figure. But of the 10million subscribers lost, majority must include those who buy and register sims just for the immediate promo benefit after which they dump the sim. Telecoms need to be user friendly and cheap especially to her Nigerian customers if they wish to up their status

  2. Thanks for the timely update Yomi. MTN pulled my surprise trigger because the last NCC report stated that they lost 11.5 million subscribers, yet, they are still leading the market despite the huge loss.

    I'm a bit worried about Airtel because Glo has taken their second spot—though with just 1.1% lead, but I fear it will extend in the next report.

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  3. Recession is still hitting hard on people and so many other factors are responsible for all this the rate @ which people are leaving dis country is alarming…and also the telecommunication companies are nt making life easy for dre subscribers….


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