Game Lovers: Finally, Crossroad Enters Playstore – Must Download Game

And finally this addictive iPhone game find its way into
Google play store… I’m pretty sure game lovers are really going to love this
because once you are addictive to it, then you know what follows.
Crossroad has been on Amazon app store and iTunes for quite
some time now and it just find it way into Google playstore. All you have to do
is to get this chicken to cross the road so that it can get to the other side.
Do you think, yourself know how to cross the road? I doubt if you can answer
that question.

The catch is that there is no other side, and you’re just
dodging traffic, speeding trains, torrential rapids, and hungry eagles for as
long as possible before meeting an inevitable and grisly demise. You collect
coins in the process which can buy new blocky characters to embark on this
quest of ultimate futility
The controls are super-accessible and the graphics are
Where Can I Download it?
For Android users, download it from playstore or here
For iPhone users, go to iTunes store
For BB10 users, download it here
If you think you’ve played games before, try this and you’ll
know the difference between game and the game.
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2 thoughts on “Game Lovers: Finally, Crossroad Enters Playstore – Must Download Game”

  1. When I saw Crossy Road,I was promptly reminded of Frogger with one key difference.Frogger closes.Crossy Road doesn't.The game's perpetual,making it amazingly addictive.As you'd expect,there is some challenge and skill involved.You need to successfully move around vehicles and arrive on the lily cushions in the water.It can be a bit testing on occasion yet its all worth it to unlock another character.Characters can range from humans to mammals to birds and even fish!A best aspect regarding the game are the graphics.They're similar to 3D 16-bit graphics from the SNES era and they look better than average.
    ~Lisa Moore.


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