How to Recover Deleted Files on Any Android & iOS Devices With Dr Fone

Every iOS and Android device owner are seriously going to
like this. Have you ever lost your files from your device? Or you mistakenly
deleted a video or audio file from your device? Do you want to get it back or
just give up on it like that?
I present you a simple unique tutorial on how to recover
deleted files or documents on your Android using Dr Fone.

With Dr Fone, you can recover as well as protect data from
your android device.  Dr Fone
supports wide range of phones and tablets from Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola,
Sony, ZET, Huawei etc.You can See the complete list of devices supported by
Wondershare Dr Fone :-  Here.
Why Should I Use Dr Fone?
==>You can restore messages, contacts, photos, video,
audio and documents from your Android devices.
==>All rooted Samsung devices are supported, regardless
of Android OS.
==>Do you know you can even recover your whatsapp history
with this application
==>It is easy to use without any difficulty
==>You can recover all your protected data on your device
with Dr Fone.
Where Should I Download it?
Download it here for Android users
Download it here for iOS users
How Can I Use Dr Fone?
==>First of all open the software and then on your android device go
to Settings and then tap on Developer Options (turn it on) and turn on USB

Note :- If you can’t see
Developer Options then just go to Settings > About and there you will see
Build Number just tap on it again and again for 4 to 5 time, it will enable the
developer option

Description: :)

==>connect your device to your pc and then wait for some
time it will identify your device as you can see in the image below while
identifying it will ask you to install device software or any important drivers
which you pc might be missing so just click on Install.
==>Now it will install the device software and your
device will get scanned. It will scan all your contacts, messages, gallery
images, audio and documents so just sit back and relax until it finishes its
==>As soon as  it
finishes collecting all the data just select which ever file you want back on
your phone and click on recover, that’s it you get your lost data/file back on
your phone by using this amazing Wondershare Dr Fone Software.
It is easy, it is fast and it is safe.
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10 thoughts on “How to Recover Deleted Files on Any Android & iOS Devices With Dr Fone”

  1. tnx mr Yomiprof..I downloaded Dr fone for Android 4.1.0 version but it required a licensed email and reg. code to activate it.. can u help me with that ..thanx

    • It means you are not registered. register with your user name and key will be sent to u. Remeber this is a paid app… but there is a link for the crack version


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