Will You Buy This Browser That Cost N80,000 ($399) on Google Playstore?

I was minding my own business when someone shared this
browser that cost you N80,000 ($399) on playstore with me. Immediately, I had
goose bumps and I decided to check it out.

Ekstar is an Internet Service company in India that has
developed different apps including messenger but this particular browser caught
my attention. They call it the lightest and fastest browser in the world and
let you surf the net at the speed of light… In other word, you can call it
It contains:
>>Multi-tabs browsing
>>Smart speed homepage
>>Intuitive Tabs Overview screen
>>Session management
>>Auto-full screen features
>>Download manager
And unfortunately, no one has downloaded it before. This is
the first time in my entire life an ordinary browser price is higher than the
price of a new 3GB, 64GB Smartphone.
So I was able to bypass the price, downloaded the browser
but it was nothing different from Google chrome. Can you spare N80,000 to
download a mere app?
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