Court Stop MultiChoice From Increasing DStv Subscription Price

It appears MultiChoice will no longer increase DSTV/Gotv subscription fee according to news report.

MultiChoice Nigeria earlier sent a general text to all subscribers that the new price as seen here will take effects from August 1st 2018 but a court seating in Abuja restrained them from effecting the changes… meaning the old price still stick.


However, on Monday, Justice Nnamdi Dimgba granted an injunction restraining MultiChoice from implementing the new rates.

Also, the court restrained the company from any conduct capable of interfering with the regulatory process of the Consumer Protection Council (CPC).

The orders were granted in Suit No: FHC/ABJ/CS/894/2018 Federal Republic of Nigeria v. Multi Choice Nigeria Limited.

This kept me wondering… where were they all this while?


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22 thoughts on “Court Stop MultiChoice From Increasing DStv Subscription Price”

  1. Here we go again.. Something similar happened some time ago and multichoice found a way around the court order, went ahead to increase the subscription rate……… Guys don’t jubilate yet

  2. No wonder when j checked my dstv balance online today I saw that they have refunded 500naira, out of the 6800 I paid for compact. Nice

  3. New rates that we have already paid for in dis August. They are not serious. They just want their own share of cake and they will keep quiet

  4. if only it would be possible for a court to grant an injunction restraining MTN from implementing the changes to our beloved Night Plan ???


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