MTN Officially Unveiled MTN Data Calculator to Subscribers

Millions of subscribers on the MTN network have been given a unique opportunity to estimate their Monthly internet data usage on online activities, as the national telecommunication company; MTN, officially unveils MTN Data Calculator.

MTN Data Calculator will serve subscribers better by engaging them more on the network and allowing them to determine their data usage and consumption pattern.

mtn data calculator

Every time you surf the web, stream videos, download stuff, engage in social media activities and other internet activities, you consume data.

You’ll be able to determine the total number of data you require within the month based on your data calculation on the website.

What MTN Data Calculator Will Do For You

subscribers will be able to measure hours of surfing the web (Shopping online, news and others, in minutes/day), use of social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in minutes/day), hours of streaming non-HD and high-definition videos (YouTube, Netflix and others in minutes/day), as well as time spent online gaming (Candy Crush, Scrabble etc in minutes/day).

MTN said 1 minutes surfing on the web is equated to 1MB, 1Minute on social media (posting and commenting) is equated to 4MB etc.

Globacom had earlier unveiled something similar to this a week ago and now we have yet another data calculator.

How do I access the Site?

Go to

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16 thoughts on “MTN Officially Unveiled MTN Data Calculator to Subscribers”

  1. Last time I used mtn data to stream it was very fast but the 1gig data finished before 20 minutes. Who care about calculator all we want is cheap data.

  2. I wonder why all these telcos have been launching data calculators like it would change anything. we need good data plans, that’s all

  3. Its off no use if am to say.
    The should just find a way on how to increase the data the give. for eg 1000naira for 2.5gb. lolz


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