Your WhatsApp Group Chats Will Be a Lot Different Now

This is just the breakdown of the activity of the recent updated WhatsApp Group features. WhatsApp for Android has been updated with a couple of
new group-focused features.

There is the ability to let users add a descriptionto a group. This was debuted on the beta versions for WhatsApp for Android and
Windows Phone. The app also includes an option to enable searching of group
participants directly from the Group Info screen. Users can now also switch
from a voice call to a video call, by tapping a button.
Group descriptions are available on the chat screen as a
pinned box and are also visible when inviting someone via the group’s invite
link. The feature was initially a part of WhatsApp beta on Android and Windows
phone, but now it’s made available to all WhatsApp users.
To add a description, go to Group Info screen and then tap
Add group description option that is available below the group name. The
description can notably be in as long as 512 characters.
You’ll also find a search bar on the Group Info screen that
allows users to search the list of group participants. The updated WhatsApp for
Android lastly includes an easy switching experience between voice and video
calls. There is a video button that appears during voice calls to let users
switch from a voice call to a video call.
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22 thoughts on “Your WhatsApp Group Chats Will Be a Lot Different Now”

  1. Good updates from whatsapp. Although i don't find switching from audio to video in a call really necessary. Like as if u didn't know dat its audio u wanted to do right from d start.


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