nTel Partnered With MTN and 9mobile to Implement National Roaming

You’ll recall that sometimes in
December, ntel, Nigeria’s 4G/LTE broadband operator announced a national
roaming field trial with 9Mobile (Dec 1st  2017 – January 31st

Now, nTel is planning to collaborate with 9mobile Nigeria
and MTN Nigeria to roll out national roaming service in April. According to
ntel spoke person at NITRA, “This roll-out will be in collaboration with two
foremost operators, 9mobile Nigeria and MTN Nigeria; the service is expected to
roll out in quarter two, April to be specific.”

“Partnership with 9mobile which has
2G/3G will help customers to enjoy the best data with good speed.“It will help
the network operators to become efficient and have less cost with the roll-out
in 4G.

The planned roll-out with 9mobile is on commercial decision
stage; MTN has agreed with the collaboration, and will be going for a trial
period with ntel
This is What it Means
>>nTel subscriber will be able
to use 4G services everywhere there is 9mobile and MTN coverage once test is
>>9mobile users will be able to roam on ntel network
once test is complete.
>>MTN users will be able to roam on ntel network once
test is complete
ntel coverage is 72 per cent in Lagos, 92 per cent in Abuja
and 60 per cent in Port Harcourt; in 18 to 24 months, coverage will be in 20
This is an interesting news for ntel’s users because you’ll be able to
make calls on 9mobile and MTN network if everything work as planned.
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22 thoughts on “nTel Partnered With MTN and 9mobile to Implement National Roaming”

  1. This is a very good thing. I recall several times when i hav subscribed to a data plan and then i travel and where i go to the network coverage is so poor i can't use it and the other network dat I'm not subscribed to has full strong network. With dis roaming feature i can just roam on the stronger network available wherever i am. I just hope it spreads across all the networks in due time

  2. It may help because one thing I hate about only 4g network is u can't make calls or receive call without data. Even their so called voxhd is nonsense, it doesn't work on most devices.

  3. Hi everyone, Yomi or any good friend here should help me. I have free data on my 9mobile, I can't use it unless it is 12am to 5am. Is there any VPN I can download with sittings to enable me use it during d day..?

  4. Is ntel compatible with xiaomi mi max 2, bcos i bought one today and registered it as well, but the ntel network fluctuate one a while…..and i don't have any money with me for mifi or wifi now………any other way for me to use it on xiaomi mi max 2


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