How Many Old Phones do You Still Have Lying Around the House?

Just like you all know, second hand refurbished
old handset are already coming back into the mobile market beginning with the
old Nokia’s, and the trend will continue. 

Now, there is a statistic to explain why all of this is happening,
and it shows that people are just keeping their phones longer, buying
refurbished or second- and third-hand devices, and generally not willing to
spend much in acquiring a newer smartphone.
Every now and then, you’ll always find people repairing
their old handset, and still prefer to use it as a secondary phone instead of completely
doing a way with it. Old blackberry phones may have gone away from the market
but lots of users still have at home, using it as a secondary device.
This is why we want to ask you, how many old handsets do
you still have lying around the house – you know, the type you switch off and
throw in a drawer when you get your new device, hoping you’ll give it to your
old mum or to your younger ones or use it as a back-up phone – buts its been
there for ages now.
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23 thoughts on “How Many Old Phones do You Still Have Lying Around the House?”

  1. I Personally have four. One galaxy grand with broken screen, BlackBerry bold 2 with broken screen and no battery, one tecno and one nokia lumia with Windows 8 mobile. I just wish I can trade all of them.

  2. I have 2 Visafone i wish i can swap them at MTN office.. Anybody with INFO ABOUT THAT, since mtn have acquire Visafone. I also have Nokia 1280 which i use as my small phone.


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