Don’t Miss This: Banggoods 10th Year Anniversary With 10 Epic Surprises

Banggoods online store will be celebrating her 10th year anniversary
this September and as a gesture of thanks, it is going to organize a massive
sale where products from various categories will be sold at discounted prices. 

To Banggoods, it’s not just about the events and deals but also
gives you the opportunity to ask us anything in Banggood’s first AMA(Ask Me

48Hours 2 Days Epic Sales
are some huge savings coming on the 8th and 9th of September, Snapup will be
returning and so too will some amazing deals everyone can enjoy. Here are some
10% off site-wide coupon.
Snap-up deals.
Great savings on all categories.
Ask Banggood anything Q&A
Anniversary Rules & Tips
1. The Anniversary 48 Hour Sale begins 10:00am Sept 8th and ends 10:00am Sept
10th (Beijing time,UTC+8).
2. Crazy sale prices of “48 Hour Sale” products are only valid during the
Anniversary 48 Hour Sale.
3. The “48 Hour Sale” is 2 day only. The Sale will cover all categories and all
hot products.
4. Before you join, you must read, agree, and accept all the rules of SNAP UP,
Crazy Lottery and All Campaigns. We won’t handle and give support for problem(s)
beyond rules.
5. If you want more information about the Anniversary, you can receive the
latest events via our newsletter, or visit to discuss on BG
There are lots of goodies to be won during this anniversary…
What are you waiting for?
For more information click here and also check here for free extra coupons and points. 
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32 thoughts on “Don’t Miss This: Banggoods 10th Year Anniversary With 10 Epic Surprises”

  1. Have tried several times to order stuffs from this banggood buh they keep telling me they can not ship to my location (Nigeria) abeg yomi how u dey take make ur order from there, I prefer gearbest buh gearbest doesn't have what I want to order

  2. Lols ..shaaaba..yomi no dey even knw say Nigerian money don yeye finish say guys dey even fear to order any stuff online again..lyk I said …shaaaba

    • Haba… 350 to $40 is 14000
      Ur info is not even specified on Banggood site. So b very specific abt ur info & don't mk ppl here gt it twisted.. 10ks

    • If you buy anything below $40 on Banggood it won't arrive in Nigeria bcos u can not even track it . Try and see for yourself.

  3. Oga Yomi

    Please i want to know how i can use SMILE 4g.
    I'm in search of a network or data that i can use big time even though its not unlimited but let the data be fairly large!


  4. Please u said Anniversary 48 Hour Sale begins 10:00am Sept 8th and ends 10:00am Sept 10th (Beijing time,UTC+8).

    Please is that the same time with Nigeria or what could be the time in Nigeria by that time.

    Please I want to know…


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