YP Giveaway: Win N100,000 This Weekend

This is the last Friday of the year and its extremely important to me; some of you are mobile geeks,
internet surfers while some others trade information. I trade with the three …
I am happy some of us have found useful some information’s traded on this site
this year.

So today giveaway will be based on this assertion…
tell us your best article on this blog with link for this year 2016 and how it has helped
you achieved something positive.
I’ll select the first 10 best comments, and each of you wins
N10,000. (Note, those who have been commenting on this blog will be given high preference before others).

Rules of The Game
1. You must comments with your Google ID
2. You must not comment 2 times or you’ll be disqualified
3. You must share the link of the article to back up your
write up.
Winners will be announced on 1st of January 2017.
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80 thoughts on “YP Giveaway: Win N100,000 This Weekend”

  1. My best thread is the post that tell me how to go about airtel bis on android, the post helped me to reduced the amount of money i spent on data with a reliable speed, with the Airtel bis i can stream live football and movie most especially it help me alot on my daily activities when it comes to internet aspect, the post really helped me alot
    because GLO is nothing to talk about in my location, here is the link of the post below.


  2. This blog especially this year has grown in leaps and bounds as it has produced so many great write up but the one that has really stood out for me was the one that taught me how to utilize the ram of my phone for full optimization. It has really been a life saver as i use a phone with 1.5GB ram and most times suffer from poor performances but with this article, my phone has been flying. Thank you. http://www.yomiprof.net/2013/07/how-to-increase-your-android-ram-memory.html

  3. Your article on how to get an accumulation of 7GB on Airtel Network, to be used over the weekend, was a blessing that came at the appropriate time. As a guy who likes 'awoof', i always stalk around your blog and your accounts on Twitter and Google+ to see if there's any goodies to avail myself of.
    I did as you instructed and, voila! I got my first awoof 7GB.I couldn't believe my eyes. Though, I had to use a newly registered SIM, but then, it was worth it.
    I downloaded all the movies and music videos I've been saving up. I was very happy.
    The link to the said article is tbus:

    I'm a follower of yours on Google+ as well. My Username is: http://plus.google.com/CovenantOyetade
    Looking forward to be among the lucky winners.

  4. Your post on mmmUnited literally changed my life!! Truth is i only follow what yomi posts.. before now i didn't even have an Android phone cos ive lost it it.. i was broke then i got some 10k and then i saw the mmmUnited post and i joined, since then ive never been broke, this year's Christmas was my best, im close to getting a million naira in my account.. thanks yomiprof!! God keep yo for us oh!! Tho mmmUnited is kinda on break.. no regrets!! http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/12/lets-talk-about-mmmunited-my-experience.html?m=1

  5. Let me say my best article so far is the 8 Worst Things You Should Stop Doing Online. Actually the post is actually for me, using a simple password which is my name for all my social media accts, blogs, hosting panel, after going over the article I decided to use a more different and technical passwords for my accounts. Also learnt that revealing my mail to the public is harmful.

    Also love the way u review tech gadgets, you go deep into details than most other blogs who just reviewed the product for high selling rate. 2016 have been a great and marvelous year. Also love your weekend blog review updates, it has been a motivation for me and I thank God I have been able to attain a great height within 5 months. No ranking in 100k on Alexa ranking.


  6. One unique feature of this site is that it serves as a diagnostic center. Most times, solutions to phone problems are rarely gotten online and even if found, steps to solve such problems are not well explained or detailed.
    But YP takes his time to dissect problems like this so that everyone including those with low sense of reasoning can understand clearly. Furthermore YP takes time to address peoples problems on site and privately via mailbox.
    One thing I can say for sure is this: YP is our one trusted naija technical consultant. You might not understand how this tutorial forum helps guys like us until you take your phone(s) for repair and no help can be rendered. Keep the good work going YP and God will reward you handsomely. Thanks. http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/04/is-your-tecno-smartphone-having-problem.html?m=1

  7. A post on YP official blog title

    "Help! My PC no Longer Recognises my Android as a USB Drive"

    with this URL


    Really helped me fix my android phone connection with my Computer/PC. I have been experience the issue of my computer not recognizing my android smartphone since i upgraded my Computer from Windows 7 ultimate to Windows 10 professional and when i read this post on YP official, i used the second option that was stated, which was to Uninstall and Re-Install my Android Driver in my Computer, as i followed the instructions and did exactly what you said, i have not faced that issue again. My Computer and my android smartphone connects smoothly without showing device not regconise error in my computer. Thanks

  8. This particular post on MMM was really a life saver, cos all my friends were participating in the popular ponzi scheme and i was planning to put in my School fee's in other to get interest.
    I finally decided not to participate in it when i saw this WARNING post, knowing that you as an expert in Online biz should know more about stuffs like this.
    Currently most of my friends who invested in it are in trouble and so frustrated.


  9. 687 posts till now.tough call, from knowing how to report my bank to N-power to hacking wifi passwords to the cheap data and cheats to knowing a payoneer dealer I want to say I found slot, apparently they've been around for quite somtime, yomiprof found it for me and I've used their services 3 times nw,satisfiably too. Season phones in my hand all year round and with lil spending.
    Tnks yp. For everything.

  10. Hmmmm let's see how this goes, I'm a huge fan of YP though for some time now I've not commented but no day I don't breeze in.

    The Article that helped me so much was posted sometime in December last year about Airtel Night Unlimited browsing for night users, ( http://www.yomiprof.net/2015/12/airtel-introduced-unlimited-data-plan.html?m=1) I had lost my job on the tenth of December was already sad on every angle until YP posted that, that article helped me to browse and download countless Blue Ray Movies that kept me entertained all through the season till it was Yanked off in 2016. I had lost hope about mid night browsing until YP updated with this link (http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/07/airtel-scrap-hourly-unlimited-night.html?m=1) which I managed for a while till I lost my phone. Above all other, that article did it for me amidst other Articles. Thanks YP..

  11. I have two favorite article this year.
    The first was about how we should beware of MMM Nigeria.
    That was how I kept my money invested it in bitcoins.
    which brings me to my 2nd favorite article which was about how create a free bitcoin account, double your bitcoin and convert to physical cash.
    This 2 article are my favorite this year and I want to Mr yomi for sharing them.

  12. 8 Worst Things You Should Not do on the Internet is my best topic for the year.
    As a very conservative and privacy mediator, it broaden my whole privacy way of thinking. Despite being a keen researcher, i had never come across that much breach of privacy info on the internet – i never thought about privacy to be that big, even when i wrote about 10 privacy tips to do on the internet. Well I'm glad i did read such piece.Thanks, Yomi.

    8 Worst Things You Should Not do on the Internet

  13. My favourite was the post on Zoto app. Though i didn't key in at first but when i finally did . It was a huge blessing to me.. And was a hit back to back to back. I earned over 13k using it.

  14. This is my best article for 2016.

    I must first say kudos to you Mr Yomiprof for the good job. Hopefully the 2017 will be bigger and better for us all…
    My best article was that of the data hike saga

    1. You promptly informed us about the planned increase here
    2. Then you swung into action here.

    3. Finally you achieved this.

    The way you harnessed your strong presence on social media is one that deserves a pat on the back.
    Many Nigerians including myself, as a result of these efforts which you made, are still enjoying data at the best rate available.
    You ability to touch the common man with your social media skills is high commendable. Don't stop the good works. Emmanuel.

  15. Prof with dis i'm like exposing myself to the world but i will go brief because you have done some positive in my life with you blog…Well as for me I am a kind of person who get that get bored easily,I don't know how to make friends but I love listening to music, love live concert and performance and also survey tech news online.. I use alot of data for dat but couldn't get enough to keep me alive but not long you introduced the mtn 150naira for unlimited data per day I did it and it worked, it was unbelievable, I used it well but didn't Las as I expected but yet I achieved alot from dat data. Till now I couldn't find some of such to keep me alive as den. I hope to see more of it anyway… I didn't say it was d best but was d best for me bcus I learnt alot from d vidoes I download in line with my musical profession just perfect for dat month. Thanks I acknowledge ur knowledge, someday I hope to grow up like you.. I'm not good at commenting ….http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/02/mtn-introduced-unlimited-daily-data.html?m=1

  16. There are thing you shouldn’t do
    online, some of us are guilty of it and it is important we correct
    it. This post of things we should not do online really helped me alot, i learnt not to be using one password and using a weak password as my online accounts could be hacked easily, just when i read the post i immediately started correcting my passwords so as to secure my account online, Even
    storing me login details on my own personal computer is not
    right because somehow, someday someone might have access to
    it, changed my view before i do believe its my own personal computer so i save passwords but this yomiprof post really helped me alot, so now all my accounts online is safe from other external uses. Thank you yomi prof. Post link is http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/12/8-worst-things-you-should-stop-doing.html?m=1

  17. Well Yomi, as my fellow blogger, your blog has been of a great importance to me, no day passes with me visiting your blog for latest tech or any other news.
    Just to get updated because we tend to learn from our superiors.

    Well that's by the way..

    I noticed your blog far back ago, as I said it has been of many help to me but one of your post that has inspired me the most is where you showed your testimony about you making millions from Swisscoin.

    Actually I didn't have any interest on Anything online currency, I didn't know how it works, it was from your blog I started anything named online currency like Bitcoin and the rest. I remember when you referred me to a friend of yours "Daniel" by name to teach me how bitcoin and the rest works,

    You can also testify when I created my online account, I also rushed down here with happiness to announce to you that I have opened one. Lol.

    Well I must tell you, I actually thought nothing good can come out of this Online currency because of the long procedure it has.

    Till I saw this your post


    Concerning how you made millions on swiss coin.

    I became more motivated. And realistic that something good can come out of this online currency.

    I think as I write this post, am glad to tell you I have made thousands from your help in bitcoin

    In summary, your blog has been helpful, in terms of monetizing tips tech etc.

    Keep the flag flying bro!

  18. The best article I ever enjoyed in this blog was the post on "how to upload a new blogger template to a blogspot".I'm a webmaster and when I started using blogger,i love it that time cause it makes blogging easier and good for monetization.
    When I got fed up of blogspot.com templates which the designs aren't so attractive then i felt like quitting,thinking that's how blogger behaves.Suddenly a day came I got to a website and discovered it's in a blogger platform then I went back to blogger to check may be the templates has been updated but the websites design i found wasn't in blogger,then i started searching through google "how to change blogspot design" I didn't find any helpful content then I asked one of my friend who's a guru in blogging,he said he has no idea but he said he had saw one post in yomiprof.net ago but he didn't bother reading it so I came to yomiprof.net for the first time then started searching for the post I couldn't find it but when I got to the Yomiprof Blogger Labels List,there I met a label written"installing free templates on blogspot".At this point I calmed down and read the post talking about how i can upload a new template at extension of .xml format and I got the site to download a good blogger template at http://www.btemplates.com,then customized lexdiy.com with it and since then I appreciated the guy who directed me Afolabi Gbolade.Since then i've been a fan of yomiprof.net

    My Username is: David Spot
    Post Source: http://www.yomiprof.net/2013/04/blogger-5-steps-on-how-to-upload-new.html

    Thanks Boss!!!!

  19. My best post was your post about swiss coin and your post on mmmunited…

    Although I registered and didn't really invest. But it opened my mind to the reality of going extra mile..
    Investing in something worth it for s long term.
    then I didn't even know what Bitcoin was.

    Then you wrote a post about mmmUnited.
    It was really like a wake up call..
    You showed there were many easy ways to make money for the risk takers..

    But today I buy and sell for my friends and am hoping next year.. I will gradually invest in your swiss coin..
    I am.in.mmmunited too all.thanks to you..
    Your always the boss!


  20. First i one to say a big thanks to you my boss not only for the Giveaway contest but also for giving a chance to everyone to testify how you hard work and efforts to satisfy the need of your blog readers and followers.My Best post of this year is on How to Open a Domiciliary (Foreign) Account With GTBank, Zenith Bank & Firstbank in Nigeria.i never knew the importance of this post until when i was stranded straight Down,just imagine that you have been dreaming and saving your cash to make online purchase on foriegn websites like gearbest,banggood and the rest at a very cheaper rate and when its time for you to make payment your bank decline your payment all in the name of scarcity of dollar. (according to my own GTB)how is anyone going to feel about that? not cool i guess.so am using this to tell everyone that if you want to shop very comfortable online your Dom account is the only best shot you ve got as i am typing this my first order with my own dollar account is currently being proccesed.once again thanks very much for your help prof and God bless. http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/08/how-to-open-domiciliary-foreign-account.html

  21. I am a regular visitor of this site and I find every post here extremely interesting and educative but the quintessential post that has added great value to my life is the post titled "How to open free bitcoin account, double your bitcoin and sell bitcoin for real cash".
    This post enlightened me on everything about bitcoins – from creating a bitcoin wallet to buying and selling bitcoins for real cash. I am now a pro in bitcoin trading. I even offer assistance to newbies and I always refer them to this post on yomiprof's blog for further research. This post has really changed my life. Bitcoin trading has changed my financial status. Thank you Yomiprof. More freeze to your elbow.

    Below is a link to the post. I encourage every one that KS interested in cryptocurrency to open it and go through it.


  22. http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/04/how-to-use-airtel-blackberry-plan-n1000.html?m=1 How to Use Airtel Blackberry Plan N1,000 For 3GB on Android & PC, thanks Mr Yomi, at least this is an opportunity to to really express how your work out here have been helping the people, not just the visitors of yomiprof.net. because that topic and the link above had been a great help to me and my friends out here. it had help me to go about my business since I am a data gig. I first come across this post here on May 1st this year at yomiprof.net before I started seeing it else way on the internet. it has been one of the greatest post and open eye of this year for me and my friends. I wish am allowed to add more of life changing post of this year from this site and previous years. I guess this is where I say thanks once again Mr Yomi and your team.

  23. http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/04/how-to-use-airtel-blackberry-plan-n1000.html?m=1 How to Use Airtel Blackberry Plan N1,000 For 3GB on Android & PC, thanks Mr Yomi, at least this is an opportunity to to really express how your work out here have been helping the people, not just the visitors of yomiprof.net. because that topic and the link above had been a great help to me and my friends out here. it had help me to go about my business since I am a data gig. I first come across this post here on May 1st this year at yomiprof.net before I started seeing it else way on the internet. it has been one of the greatest post and open eye of this year for me and my friends. I wish am allowed to add more of life changing post of this year from this site and previous years. I guess this is where I say thanks once again Mr Yomi and your team.


    LINK: http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/02/how-to-use-mtn-00-with-pronet-vpn-v1010.html




    THIS IS THE LINK ONCE MORE: http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/02/how-to-use-mtn-00-with-pronet-vpn-v1010.html


  25. Oops! I came late to the party.
    Anyway, it's not too late.
    I've gained alot if i want to be frank and sincere on this site. There are some things i just don't seem interested in before but, through this site, i had my vision enlargened and i widened my horizon as well. One of such is Crytocurrency(swisscoin, bitcoin) which the CBN and FG are delving into themselves. It's an honour being on this site.
    By the way that is just the tip of the iceberg, the Iceberg itself that i think i gained from MOST is this: http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/11/sign-this-petition-say-no-to-increase.html Because through the petition, we fought for Nigerians and Nigeria and not just for our selfish interest(s). We all know we depend mostly on the internet for our day-to-day transactions… Don't be surprised that even some market women are 'surfing' the net, we all make it work through the unity and oneness in our petition. Personally, i can't imagine life without internet, bloggers, vloggers, students, educationists, researchers, bankers and every other institutions(government or private) depend largely on the Internet which is accessible ONLY by data…affordable data.
    That decision of ours then make the NASS poke into the quagmire we were almost stucked into by barring the price hike….that was our collective victory… We fought against the policy. Indirectly, we became Activists and we trumped the card.
    It's my best topic this year so far, because it brought us together as One and we fought what's against our common interest. Had the topic and link not been shared, who knows what the price of data would be saying by now. We thank you for that topic which gave us leverage and at the end, we trumped the card.
    Happy New year in Advance everyone.

  26. The best article for this year so far by no doubt is:
    How to Use MTN BIS on Android & PC Using SS, XT181 & TunnelGuru
    the link is
    Thanks to you and your blog I (infact several nigerians) rocked simple sever for several months with unlimited downloads and inbuilt configurations.. all you had to do was download simple-server and connect and have 100 naira mtn airtime.. later bblited came out which was even 70 naira.. there was even a time you could subscribe for a month mtn BIS plan which was 1000 naira and download unlimited with idm .. it was that easy(more like plug and play). and it kept getting better over and over with more upgrades and am sure mtn would never forget brilliant minds like yours that troubled their servers.. i myself download files more than 900GB with this article … kudos to you … more tweaks for we high file downloaders 2017…
    see you 2017 yomi.

  27. i want to appreciate the blog and want to say just few people will tell you the source of his miracle income cause people just feel they are the only ones that are meant to milk from the well of goodies but this blog as actually helped in seeing through more opportunities and guiding me through its process. The cryptocurrency world which is becoming a fast emerging world of endless possibilities. All thanks to this blog for giving me opportunity of being part of that world. YP rocks http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/12/lets-talk-about-mmmunited-my-experience.html

  28. My best article for 2016 on this blog is: 2 Easiest Ways To Find Direct Download Link of Any Movie in HD Format.

    Link for the post : http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/09/2-easiest-ways-to-find-direct-download.html?m=1

    This blog post by prof yomi really helped me alot because i never knew where to download movies from talkless of using direct download link to download any movie in HD format. Because before i go to places just to buy movies or move from place to place searching for who to send latest movies to me….
    Since i got to learn from this post, have been able to search for latest movies directly from google without any stress which i do face by going from place to place just to collect films. But now, i download them directly because have learned alot from this post and also beacause i enjoy watching alot of movies.

  29. I have been an ardent reader of ur blog and even more importantly beneficiary of ur knowledge laden posts almost right from inception,from the days of magic SIM in 2013 to the day I correctly predicted the scores in the opening match of the 2014 World Cup between Brazil and Croatia.

    The way your blog evolves and never seem to lose relevancy never cease to amaze me.

    This year 2016, the post that impacted me the most was titled "How I Made €27,326.04 Within 4 Months of Joining SwissCoin CryptoCurrency"


    I saw the first post about swisscoin in June but I couldn't participate because I have other financial priorities at the time (but I know it's mostly because of my unwillingness to take a risk). Just 5 months down the lane, u realizing such a figure pricked something in my mind, a saying by Robert Kiyosaki, "In today's rapidly changing world, the people who are not taking risk are the risk takers"!
    As a result of this, topping my New Year resolution list is what I called "openness and willingness to take risk"
    Am excited about 2017 already because I know it will be laden with opportunities only for those willing to take a risk and I know I won't be found wanting when the opportunity arrives because of The Post where I saw the result of a risk I was unwilling to take!

  30. Yomi thanks for this opportunity,how I've longed to share my testimony in a way that people can devote time, read and more necessarily, understand it that it can influence them positively d way it influenced me.

    I've been a regular reader of this site for some years now though I barely comment but then this site has been educating,entertaining,inspiring etc. But the very post that changed my life is this post below


    Let me don't say much but since I opened a wallet ,after reading the post here I've never been financially the same,I got better and things aswell got bebtter.
    I started following up this site because of it's name "wealth creation" ,and my zeal to be making money online and now what do you think?
    I say big thank you to You,and with the help of under motivational posts,I've been able to stand firm.
    All thanks to #YomiTeam

  31. 2016 hasnt really been a great year to be honest,so wish everyone a redeeming 2017…My favourite article has always been the smartphone of the year articles http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/12/which-is-your-top-best-smartphones-of.html?m=1 This has helped alot in deciding what phones next to buy and sell as i am a phones trader…it helps my business and personal enthusiasm…as we are all great lovers of smartphones…it was apple's year most definitely but will be crossing fingers for samsung to bounce back next year and will be relying on your articles to help me in deciding what company to focus on next…thankyou sir

  32. Let me say a man who is not business minded is dead , you once said "everything in life is a risk even eatingeating"

    This article showed me why I should http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/11/how-i-made-2732604-within-4-months-of.html?m=1d also take a little risk ,I'll say it became a starting point seeing what you achieved motivated me to do more, and now though I'm not there yet I'm certainly close and all thanks goes to this article I mean to you bro

  33. Just one best? Wow! but i have many best ranging from phone specs,prices and reviews to data prices and the cheapest from our network providers to recent tweak to enable us browse free and the list goes on but the best of the best for me is always getting an update on any good legal money making platform especially swisscoin http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/11/how-i-made-2732604-within-4-months-of.html?m=1 this post have opened my eyes to different ways of investing. I have enjoyed and benefitted in this blog many ways than i can count. Thanks for the lot you have done and i pray you do more

  34. My best post is Airtel New Data Plan 2G for 200. http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/06/airtel-introduced-new-data-plans-6gb.html?m=1
    This post was a great relief to me cos i spent much on data all bcos of movie download and at d end my huge data wont last for a month so i ported to airtel 2G n download my movies every night at high speed N lastly I got to villa 2days ago n realized dat airtel 2G is my last resort as other network failed me…..now am rocking it! Tnx yomi for this n so many other post I have gained from.

  35. Let me start by saying happy new year in advance to the entire Yomiprof cribs.

    Sometimes in May 2014, I stumbled upon a post shared on this blog that totally changed my entire scope about life.

    Here is the link before I proceed further » http://www.yomiprof.net/2014/05/multiple-streams-of-income-few-ways-i.html?m=1

    I've been an ardent follower of this blog for a very long time, the constant updates kept me glued as my love for this grew more and more.

    In 2014, You taught me how to make money on the internet, contained in that article are different ways he "Yomiprof" made passive income on his blog. I was inspired, motivated to start something I knew nothing about. Regardless of the fact that I studied architecture, I got a totally different calling for my love for teaching people how to do things.

    This zeal lead to the creation of my blog with the name http://www.naijaknowhow.com with the intent to teach people the know-how tips of getting basic tech queries solved. At first it was rigourous, annoying and time taking blogging. A couple of time I ran to You for help, I messaged, tweeted, emailed and used other mediums to ensure my problems get solved.

    To sum it all up:
    With the help of Mr. Yomi…I've been able to acquire vast experience in blogging and digital marketing, in fact; I just got a job to work as a digital marketer and content developer for a company in Ikoyi. Along with my personal blog and this new job, year 2017 will definitely be the start of a new beginning for me.

    Thank you so much Yomiprof!

    *Drops pen✍

  36. My best article was how to unbrick infinix hot 2 X510 http://www.yomiprof.net/2015/09/how-to-unbrick-bricked-infinix-hot2-x510.html?m=1

    Back then,My mum just bought me a new infinix hot 2 X510 and its not up 2 a week before it got bricked. I love tweaking and exploring of the phone ,unfortunately i was messing with ROM tool box then i brick the phone.. I Have been looking for a way to unbrick it until i came across this wonderful site… I had to borrow a friend laptop to download all the necessary files. Boom after some minutes my infinix hot 2 X510 came back to life… Tnks prof for posting the Tutorials back then… Happy New Year In Advance To You All And Am Happy To Be Part of this wonderful site. One Love

  37. Well.. It seems like am late for the party. I will still comment anyway. I got to know about this blog for a while now, precisely during my undergrad days, when i was looking for browsing tricks up and down. And since then, hardly a day passes by that i don't check YP homepage for any interesting tech tips. Though i seldom comment, but i have been an ardent follower of this blog.
    The post that is my best so far is the one about Swisscoin, this post actually opens my eye to the world of cryptocurrency and since then, I have not remain the same again. Here is the URL for that particular post: http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/06/swisscoinalternative-to-bitcoin.html.
    Thanks a bunch for this wonderful blog Yomi. More power to your elbow.

  38. The best article i have seen so far on this site for 2016 was when YOuomiprof introduced us to Swisscoin http://www.yomiprof.net/2016/06/swisscoinalternative-to-bitcoin.html, although i haven't started any cryptocurrency investment then, but with this post i started BTC,SWISSCOIN, TBC. and i thank you for this opportunity, me and my family are really earning with this cryptocurrencies daily and its what get our bills paid. I really don't want the price, but instead spread the word about yomiprof.net thank you Sir. you made my 2016 complete


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