Data Price War: Prepare For Data Price Increase

NCC might not have done the right thing by informing the
people adequately about data price increase but their decisions to mandate
Telcos to hike the price either way will still come to pass. With the way
Federal government is talking, I think you should prepare for Data Price Hike
anytime soon.

According to FG, operators in Nigeria are really operating
on a very harsh situation which is not known in other advanced countries. For
instance over the years, the Nigerian state has not succeeded in fixing
electricity over the last 20 years. This industry relies on electricity and
because Nigerians have failed in providing reliable electricity, it means they
have to rely on extra budgetary provisions to provide electricity 24 hours,
seven days a week with additional expenditure which does not operate in other
countries which we seek to copy.

… He said what NCC did was to
introduce an interim price floor of 90 kobo per mega byte below which
telecommunication companies are not allowed to sell, a reduction from an
initial price floor of N3:11k, which was suspended in 2015.

Danbatta said the absence of price
floor created a “price war” in the telecommunication sector, which was becoming
unhealthy for competition.

In order words, Federal Government advices Nigerians to
embrace the data price hike. So anytime soon, next year or this year, the price of data will
still go up.
…Meaning our signature on was only temporary
medicine for this current headache.
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27 thoughts on “Data Price War: Prepare For Data Price Increase”

  1. Oga prof do you really agreed with FG ?
    Truly our Electricity in Nigeria is in a bad shape
    but MTN run there business and make a huge profit withing few months the money they borrowed from Nigeria bank to run there business was paid bank in just 3-6 months without our electricity, all the Telcos comes into Nigeria business with the understanding of our electricity issues, why will someone use that as an excuse now, what i dont really understand here is this, Telcos never cried out for increase and they never complain about the situation of our electricity, but FG that fail to provide stable electricity are the one shouting for the data price hike.
    what about other companies in this country that paid through there nose for Diesel and petrol to run there businesses?
    To me NCC is not fair enough to the consumer

  2. They have found a better excuse to increase data cost, before it was because of they wanted to generate tax now it because of unhealthy competition, so what are they aiming at just to make sure they limit the number of people online that even the poor would not be able to access the internet. Pls, Yomiproff if this happens let Nigerians wage war back by hacking of all Telco Severs for free browsing, all Hackers in Nigeria Should prepare 4 massive hacking, the poor would still have access to the internet, thanks.

  3. These guys are so annoying; they want to spoil our internet hustle. Now the youngies finding way out on the net will now face difficulty; waht about students doing projects in school thhat have to be online for so long. Naija tire me.


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