Glo Slashed Down Monthly Data Plans by 50%

This might be a
bad news to those who are seriously rocking the hell out of Glo data because
the data has just been reviewed.

Glo has technically
reduced their data cap for all plans by 50% codedly. Even though their network
has been terrible in some locations, some others are seriously rocking the hell
out of it not knowing that the data will be reviewed.
glo downsized data plan

Old Glo data Plan
2GB for N500
4GB for N1000
9.5GB for N2000
24GB for N4000
30GB for N5000
55GB for N8000
75GB for N10000
New Glo Data
N1000 = 2GB
N2000 = 4.5GB
N2500 = 7.2GB
N3000 = 8.7GB
N4000 = 12.5GB
N5000 = 15.6GB
N8000 = 25GB
N10000 = 32.5GB
N18000 = 62.5GB
N20000 = 78.7GB
If you have been
rocking 180GB for N20,000 before, it is now 78.8GB… no official announcement of
any kind but codedly reviewed. 
What do you
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22 thoughts on “Glo Slashed Down Monthly Data Plans by 50%”

  1. I v never seen anything good abt glo before…people r still helping them to manage dre data yet they r doing nonsense…they shud go and eat dre data….
    I believe with dis move they will lose customers like say tomorrow no dey….I just hope dis won't the end of Glo

  2. I rock the 180gb and still rocking it.
    Prof why you did not introduce us to that etisalat magic sim, its working, or you believe believe people will not turn up because of the money involve ?

  3. The singular reason most people, including me, stuck to Glo is the generous data offer.
    Once this 500 naira I subscribed for which I was given a total of 1g got exhausted, I would be gone till further notice. Etisalat see u soon!

  4. This Entclass Guy is a thief ooo… the magic sim is not working on new sim. if you buy a new sim without registering it. your 3G or EGPRS signal at the top of your phone wont show up. I have a new sim and tried it the 3G network wont come out. even if i switch on my data. I don dash my GF the sim. make he go sit down one place. if I am lying then risk ur 10k for his hand. LOL.


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