Easy Steps On How To Make Your MTN Connections Stable and Secured

Okay much have been said on Mtn magic sim, but to fully
enjoy your connectivity, you must have a stable network. Imagine your network
connection disconnect every  5 minute? Definitely
it looks so frustrating, disgusting and weird..lol! When we call it magic sim
it simply means surf the net with ease and full connectivity. Even though it’s
being rumored by MTN that the 2hours plan will stop, that does’nt mean your
network connection should also stop. Those who have already activated there’s
but keep facing connection problems; follow this simple tricks below to stabilize
your connections. I will briefly introduce you to Hotspot shield

Hotspot Shield
Hotspot Shield protects your entire web surfing session,
securing your connection and protects your

identity by ensuring that all web
transactions (shopping, filling out forms, downloads) are secured through
HTTPS. Hotspot Shield also makes you private online, making your identity
invisible to third party websites and ISP‘s. Unless you choose to sign into a
certain site, you will surf anonymously during your entire web session with
Hotspot Shield.Key Benefit of Using Hot Spot Shield

How Do I Make Use Of Hotspot Shield?

1. Download Hotspot shield  here if you
don’t have it
2.  Install it  on your
computer as normal.
3. Connect your modem (make sure your MTN Sim is inside your modem)with the default APN and wait for the Hotspot to connect,
once it connects it will not disconnect. Start surfing with unstopable speed
This Hotspot shield will bail you out of your network predicament. 

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88 thoughts on “Easy Steps On How To Make Your MTN Connections Stable and Secured”

  1. What about us using mobile..the only disadvantage abt d magic sim is that it disconnets after every 5 minutes…pls help us

  2. Wow.. I'm really enjoying my magic sim. It doesn't get better than this. I can surf on my mobile and pc simultaneously. With Hotspot Shield, it even gets better. I downloaded the pro version using torent. God bless you Mr. Yomi.

    • internal error kee? Ok continue with the installation. If the installation is/was successful, then try and connect it lets see what next

  3. Pls Yomi can u help me to get the download link for this app for n97?pls i av search everywhere but still i cant find to download.pls reply me fast.

  4. Yomi thanks for all you've been doing. Mine is not browsing after mtn activated me for 2hrs plan. I did not use the megabytes. Switched off my phone for 28 hrs and i sent reset to 131 and also reset to 4777. I got invalid text message from mtn and when i tried it, it browsed for 3 mins and never browsed since on the 11th of may. Hotspot shield did not work for me either. Pls help me and what do i do. Urgent reply needed. God bless you.

    • Normally, if the two hours plan is given to you, it's suppose to browse without you configuring anything. But since you said it only browse for like 3mins, then i will urge u to send 2 to 131 to check your data bal. The reply you get from 131 will determine if your 2Hrs plan is active or not.

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      Just visit dstv site and download drifta

  5. Prof i av downloaded d hotspot shield 4 my iphone nd it is workin perfectly ok. Bt d problm i av is dat d hotspot shield is sayin my protection wil end in 6 days. Is dere any problem wit dat prof??

  6. this is trick i used for mine..nokia C3 since may5 have bin browsing wit it it'll den connect and disconnect…so i checked the back of my sim and i discover it is 64kb….so i left it unused for 48hrs and after that i opened my whatsapp to have a secure connection that wot am using to make this post nw…

  7. Mtn jst snt me a message dat i av used 50% of my bundle. My credit is stil intact. Hp dere is no problm wit dat prof or anybody else dat av an idea abt it pls?

    • Did you activated your magic sim? Did you kept it for 24Hours? Did you follow all the steps Prof Yomi stated? If No, then kiss your Unmagic sim goodbye. Mine is working well couple with hotspot shield on my nokia and on my system. I have been using it for over a month now without a dime been deducted

    • I folowd d nrmal process. I av bin browsn wit it 4 2wiks,jst dat it conects and disconects. I downloaded d hotspot shield today nd it statd wrkn perfctly. Afta sum wile i got dat msg 4rm mtn bt stil my money wasnt deductd. I jst want to knw if dat wil latr bcom a problm

    • it i don't think that will be a problem after then. if you have used it for 2weeks and it's still working, then it will keep working.

  8. Pls dat guy dat reply about c3…u said if i dont use my sim 4 48hrs it work,,,pls explain more abt d whatsapp how to make it secure pls…prof u didnt reply can d shield work 4 nokia c3

  9. Please anyone here should help.

    How can i make my pc to complete downloads? Any settings?

    Files in exe format do not download completely on my pc.


    • Call custormer care or else mtn will sap dry your money. Tell me their oga @ the top said they should activate it for you. Ddon

  10. Thanks @Joshua Prof pls help us find solution 4 us browsing with phone…it only browse for 5min and disconnect

  11. Yomi is Truely a Proffessor. The veru best!!!! With hotspot, i have been browsing non stop throughout the day. with the Andriod support, my BIS is activate and working well on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0. Imagine I upgrade from Gingerbread to Sandwich Ice Cream in under 10mins….I Hail Oh!!!!Guy U tooooo Much…God Bless You

  12. Pls who have seen this app to download to his or her mobile i mean nokia phone(symbian)pls should add me on whatsapp with 08168315509 to share the raw file with me [email protected] that link is direct me to system app site no phone app there..

  13. ''To watch dstv channels on your laptop or pc, you must have the mobile dstv decoder called the Dstv Drifta. With this Dstv Drifta, you can watch dstv with your laptop, blackberry, ipad, psp, ipod, symbian phones and other devices with wifi
    Just visit dstv site and download drifta''pls @yomi can u forward ur number to me @ [email protected] i want to ask u sometin on the above quoted word

  14. d site to download for mobile version is sayin internal error, pls give us anoda site ooooooo, we need it badly

  15. To ALL Nokia Users, your own case is exceptional. If you have access to your Ovi store, download SymVPN and I will tell you how to configure it. Dat solve the case.

  16. Yomi you got me all wrong. I said after i subscribed, i waited for 28hrs and then i sent reset to 131 and 4777. I was activated for 2hrs when i sent 2H to 131 and i removed my sim for 28hrs before i sent reset to the above codes. When i tried to connect after 28hrs, it browsed for only 3mins and stopped browsing. Pls help me because i have spent 900 naira on 3 different sims and none worked for me. I also have to enjoy what people are enjoying. May God continue to bless you.

  17. Yomi please have been waiting to get your reply on the above problem. What can i do? How do i get a 128k sim card also? All this sim cards are 32k. Please respond

    • get a new sim card dat has 128kb at d back and do welcom. Dnt tel us u cant find it cos it is evrywhere infact 32kb and 64kb sims are nt sold again.

    • If you can't download the hotspot shield on your mobile, i will suggest you download it on system then transfer it to your device. But make sure it is a compatible version

  18. Pls help me o..i got all d requirements 4 d mtn magic sim bt i av tried and fail and i want to try again pls gve me d main detail on how to go about it?

  19. I ll like to know if the simple surf package is still on because I called mtn customer care and some said is available why others said the simple surf plan is not available,has anybody activated the simple surf plan of recent?

  20. Bro Mtn Plan to stop it but for now i can't really say because i still made use of the 2hrs plan yesterday. But call customer care to verify this information.

    • If your hotspot keep disconnecting, i beleive it should be your network. You can't make your location Nigeria because one of the functions hotspot performs is to make your location invisible by hiding your IP address or assigning a foreign ip address to you.
      Check the status of your network if it's okay.. Are you using the hotspot shield on system or phone? if it is on system, let me know if you want me to show you how to set it to original version instead of trial version.

    • You mean since when you installed the hotspot, you hav'nt been able to browse with the sim? If that is the case, uninstall it and i will look for another alternative for you.

    • This is what you will do, first of all connects your sim once you discovered that it is showing connected, then click to connects the hotspot shield. And it will stabilize your connections. But if the problem still persist, i will tell you what software you will need to install.

    • thanks for the reply prof. but i tried just as u said but still disconnects. so pls i will like to know the software. tnx alot.

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