MobileBlaze: Bringing Cheap Etisalat Data Plans Closer to You

I think if third party agents can put their head together
and bring out something like this, then Internet surfing will be somehow easier
for everyone. Of recent, I make a post on how you can surf with Mtn Cheap Data Plans provided by a third party agent and of a truth, it’s extremely cheaper
compared to the normal Mtn 1GB for #3,500 that charge you mercilessly just like when
Germany ripped Brazil off it’s glory.

Well, I came to discover a new third party agent who
decided to make internet surfing cheaper for all Etisalat users with good
reception in their vicinity. This Etisalat Cheap data plans is not a tweak or a
trick but a legal act purchased directly from the Etisalat Mobile Partner and
then resell it to their customers at a cheaper price. You too think of it, why
will you use almost #4,000 to get 1GB when you can get it for just #1,500.
The most interesting thing about this cheap etisalat plans
from is for the fact that it works flawlessly on all device
including bb10. Mind you, BB10 device is a romantic device that accepts even
normal data plans.
How Does It Work?
MobiBlaze is a new affordable mobile internet plan that gets
you closer to your dream of more affordable mobile internet service. They Etisalat’s
3.75G EasyBlaze service to you at a more cheaper price.
1GB – cost #1,500 instead of #4,000

250MB – cost #500 instead of #1,000 +

500MB – cost #1,000 instead of #2,000

All data plans have 30 days validity!
How to Subscribe

Make payment for the data size of your choice via Online
Transfer, Mobile Transfer, Mobile Money, Quickteller or Cash Deposit into their
Bank account directly. You can visit their site here for more info.
Don’t forget to ask your questions if you are confuse… My
job is to bring cheap internet surfing closer to you.
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43 thoughts on “MobileBlaze: Bringing Cheap Etisalat Data Plans Closer to You”

  1. Mr Yomi, I wanted 2 connect ma android usin glo bis so I used ma Curve 4 to on hotspot bt d tin is nt workin, is dere anytin m nt doin ryt?

    • Actually, os 7.1 on curve 4 comes with the hotspot feature and it's quite effective. I've used it a lot of times myself.

    • wow… dats sounds strange but nice. I tot it is only bold5 and likes that has wifi hotspot. Anyway since you said you've been using it, Glo bb subscription should work on it. Just make sure your Android receive the reception on it. If it doesn't work.
      Have you been able to tether any of the network bb sub to your adriod device before?

  2. Good morning prof, please can you direct me to the link to downloading custom rom(4.2 upward) for techno L3. The phone Keeps triping off in less than 10mins, I have done factory reset,wiped it, still. Problem persists. So I guess changing the rom will fix The issue…thanks Prof

  3. Mr yomi pls help me out, anytime I connect my etisalat bis to my laptop through hotspot dey wil be deducting my money nd if dere is no money it won't connect. I still av 2.7gb wat shud I do.

    • It means it's not ur! Is plan you are using to browse. Do this, try and sub for thr 10mb plan to top up with d 2.7gb you have. Make sure u dnt have any money inside after subscription. Den connect

  4. Mr yomi pls how can i reduce my data usage on laptop, I subscribe for 100mb nd it doesn't last more dan 30mins on etisalat. I only opened facebook

    • Eaya,,, sorry about all those wicked unauthorised update on your PC.
      Depending on the kind of PC you are using, Go to your start menu==>Control Panel==>System and Security==>Windows update.
      Click on change settings and change it to "Never chck for update". Once you've done that, your data usage will reduce.

  5. Aving root access on my xperia arc s but after flashing android 4.0 to it it does nt ave root acess again superuser is not granting permission to my apps .

    • D application I used didn't root it again but wen I use flashtool on it it will say phone is rooted bt dd app on d fone will say "superuser access permission fail" help bro. Or is there any solution like chanGinG kernel and hw do I go abt it

  6. hello Mr Yomi I really appreciates your good work. keep it up pls what is the difference bw force 2sd and link2sd bc i have use force 2sd to move my applications to SD to free my internal memory but it doesn't solve the problems. can link out I'm waiting for ur assistance. thanks you Sir.

    • Force 2sd forcefully move system apps that comes with your device to your SD card. While aps2sd move normal app to your sd card. What exactly is the problem you are passing tru with your device.

  7. Hi @yomiprof, can i root my TECNO P5 and TECNO F5 without a pc,mine is currently bad. Pls how should i root it if either yes or no. And is the glo bis stuff still working on android phones? Pls add me on whatsapp on 08062552620, and this is my mail, [email protected], need bb imei.
    Thanks baba!

  8. Thanks prof! Can u please drop the procedures for me on the 'How To Swap Android IMEI To Blackberry IMEI' thread??

  9. pls prof i can not see "install zip from sd card" in Hboot mode on my htc vivow. due to this,i unable to upgrade my htc vivow via cyanogen mode. pls help me. also my phone can not go into recovery mode

    • To transfer airtel MB, just follow
      the steps bellow.
      For 10MB: dial
      For 25MB: dial
      For 60MB dial
      Note: There will be a deduction
      of #100 or 10MB from your

  10. My blackberry(bold5) 9930 verison is not supported on etisalat netwrt,pls help can't I upgrade or get neutral os on it for it to be supported pls help ooooo .

  11. pls, i'm so much interested on dis ETISALAT cheap mb. How do i pay for it through airtime. What are the available options for subscription? Please, U can connect me on whatsapp on this no, 08063543367 or facebook (keceejohn). Thanks


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