Solution to Glo BIS Subscription Error Message

This post is for those who have succeeded in tweaking their
imei or to existing bb or bb10 users. You must have noticed of late that to
activate Glo BB subscription on your device is somehow difficult and it’s not in
any way closer to activating at all. And now Android users are not smiling at
all perhaps it was them who all most ruin Glo bb easy subscription.

However, I discovered a little secret that I used in topping
up my GB yesterday and a day before; and I felt I should share it with you so
that you can find it easier to activate. This is it, I noticed that if you
attempt activating the Glo 3GB for 1K during the day time it will always give
you an error message or a sorry message as if something happened to you. But
between the Hours of 8:30pm and 4:20 am
, it will not display such kind of
error. I have tried it several times and it worked perfectly. 
Don’t forget, if you have the opportunity to top up your GB,
kindly do so because you never can tell when a new imei hacker will wake up
from his/her slumber.
I know Airtel Network has bridged some peoples trust because
of MB zapping but if you want to be eligible, you can be eligible for the #1,500
4GB BIS and it’s not MB zapping at all; I’ve used mine for good 6weeks now and still
have 600MB left. Remember, that my job is to make internet access cheaper for
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33 thoughts on “Solution to Glo BIS Subscription Error Message”

  1. Good morning prof. The solution to make someone eligible didn't work. Or which one is working that's will make someone to b eligible?

  2. Try this for airtel zapping issue;

    When I connect my Airtel BIS with the PC, I noticed the zapping immediately (even before opening a single page) but when I disconnect and reconnect again., it won't zap my MB anymore.. You can try that too..


  3. Hello sir..I need advice on wic fone to plan was bb z10 but e scarce for market n am already spendin d money..wic fone can I buy wic almost as d same specs as z10..b it andriod ion care..thanks

  4. Oga yomi is der any other app dat can change HTC imei other than gravity box? Cos gravity box can't install on my HTC sensation it keeps saying ''parse error'' nd i don't ve a computer for SDK tools method, pls help

  5. pls prof, l am unable to resubscribe for my glo bis subscription. I wanted to extend my subscription date. it keeps writing "sorry you are not allowed to make this change, kindly choose another data plan" l did d subscription within your giving time. Pls,what can l do now?

    • Sorry friend, it's been hacked, you can nolonger top it up again. Glo just blocked the top it up. But I need someone to confirm who just changed his or her imei to chk if dey can sub for the package

    • Good day prof, I'm also experiencing d same issue wit dis here, I tried to top my sub up but showing d same thing like I'm allowed so so so n so. Den I changed my imei again n tried it still d same.pls prof how can u help us out?

    • You get that error because You've topped it up more than 3 times. hence you need to wait for your data to exhaust before you'll be able to make another subscription and then top up.

    • Awww. Tanks prof! da will b till next year. Too prof, I'm tinking will it work if I insert my simcard into a blackberry phone and try to sub.

  6. pls prof, can you explain to me how to install
    Android app to bb10 via sideloading or other
    means? Actually,l am wanted to install whatsapp+
    to my sister's phone,but l don't know how to go
    about it. it is showing unable to install. l send the
    app through Bluetooth ,from android phone to z10
    BlackBerry…Pls, help me out…


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