VPNSolid Rocking With Airtel

I don’t need to type much on this but for the benefit of
those who are wanting to browse free on PC but are unable, this post should be
able to atleast help you out. Though I’ve written about this before I just felt
I should shared more light on it.
VPNSolid is new and at the moment, it’s currently surfing
for free with Airtel. Free users are only allowed 2hours daily. Once you are
satisfied with your browsing experience as a free user, you can then wish to
upgrade or leave it.
Mind you, only the torrentz server  on UDP 53 works perfectly. You can check it
out yourself
Where Can I Download it?
==>Visit their site here and download it
==>Install it on your PC and Register for you own account
==>Wait for you to be confirmed
==>Set it according to the image you see below
 ==> Set your brower to manual proxy configuration, Sockshost: Port: 1080
Make sure you have java run time installed on your PC. Another thing you should not here is that the DNS tunnelling on the owners site equally rocks with mtn; thesame giving you 2hrs daily for free users. If you are satisfied and want to upgrade, only Paypal upgrade option is available.
If you are in South Africa, Ghana or Zambia, it also works well most especially in South Africa because the developer of the app based there.

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39 thoughts on “VPNSolid Rocking With Airtel”

  1. Is it my email address that is to filled in place of the username? I didn't see any provision for username while registering

  2. Yourfreedom still rock on Etisalat at 100kb for ANDROID USER

    1. click CONFIGURATION

    2. click Server Connection

    3. Sever: ems06.your-freedom.de;

    4. Connection mode: DNS

    5. Port: 53

    6. Nigeria Etisalat

    7. mark Enable Encryption

    8. mark Enable re-keying

    9. Reconnection delay: 5000

    10. Initial Post size: 150000

    11. Minimum post size: 10000000

    12. Ftp mode: Both

    13. Ssl protocol version: Any

    You can now save and connect

    Note: Apn: Etisalat

    you can apply dis settings to Yourfreedom on Pc it Work wella.

    Am still your Guy Hector Manga

    One Love

  3. For mtn user with yourfreedom on android @its unstable on mtn @

    Use same setting as above in but Remove ; from d server and make use of d wizard to locate working server near u, and apply d Terminal Emulator trick above to avoid network disconnection

  4. @Hector, nice work bro…
    @ everyone who said vpnsolid is not working, I think you are missing something or I didn't state something here clearly. Visit the owners vpnsolid blog here
    to add some additional settings. Just follow the settings their carefully…

  5. MTN Magic Sim Is Back… Don't Pay anybody at all for this.I'll drop it here for free because of the love I have for this site.

    MTN 1hr activation for MTN Magic SIM
    load 400 Send BBDAY to 21600 Wait till
    you get the bb subscription message,
    then quickly call mtn cust0mer care
    agent (by calling 180), and ask then to
    subscribe you to the 2hrs plan
    After you get a message of 2hrs being
    successful, remove and keep the sim
    for 1hr. After 1hr is c0mplete, insert
    back the sim and then start browsing.
    That's all.

    • Google search for framaroot. Download n launch. Select install SUSelect and click boromir. Reboot ur phone. U r rooted

  6. Thanks Yomí, Hector and all pals that follow this blog I really appreciate every tips. But my Symbian phone has been sleeping without cheat pls i need cheat for my symbian phone


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