MTKDroid Method of Changing your IMEI – Works For All Mtk Device

Morning guys, this tutorial goes to those who find it difficult to change their imei despite the fact that their device is an MTK device. I don’t know why other 3 methods didn’t work out for you but I’m pretty sure this will work out well.

==> Root Access on your Phone
==> MTK Droid Tools v2.5 download it here
==>Your IMEI – You can get this at the back of your phone it is a 15 Digits Number
==>Android ADB Driver – Depends on what phone you are using , but in most cases this Universal Driver Works fine []

Follow The Below Steps
==>Open the self-extracting archive of the MTK Droid ROOT and Tools and open the MTKdroidTools.exe be sure to run it as an Administrator, plug in your phone and be sure you have already root your phone and have installed the Driver for your phone. Once you have open the MTK Droid Tools it must detect the information of your Device.

==>Once it has detected your phone information you will notice your IMEI will show there but if you have error it will not show there and we will use this tool to restore it. Next you need to click the ROOT button so that it will temporary have Root shell access on your phone in order for it to make the script work on the
 background. The colour will change from yellow to green. It will prompt this window to gain root shell access

==>Once you have the root shell access click the IMEI/NVRAM button and a new window will show

Now all you need to do is put your 15 Digits Blackberry IMEI Number you generated earlier

 NOTE: IMEI 1 DENOTES SIM 1 AND IMEI 2 DENOTES SIM 2. So change accordingly
Then Press the REPLACE IMEI button and it will prompt you this window that it will replace your existing one

After that
 just reboot your phone and your chinko will turn into
a blackberry.

For Samsung users, Porting your device ROM to mTk is my next available solution and it will only take you 5min to do. I’ll compile the tutorial and release it for you all.

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69 thoughts on “MTKDroid Method of Changing your IMEI – Works For All Mtk Device”

  1. what of htc users….i use htc wildfire s and non of the method works for me…..i am.on s-off,i am rooted,bootloader unlocked….but no method works…plz i need help….

  2. prof, I appreciate what u are doing here. but plz I have a suggestion. Can u plz make ur tutorials MORE detailed? If not dt am a computer scientist, I won't even try any of d things u say here cos most of them ain't explicit enough.
    More power to ur elbow as u make ur tutorials more detailed.

    • Changing of Imei works for Clone S4…
      To know if your device is an MTK, do the following

      ==>Go to play store or download this app CPU-Z here

      ==>Install and Launch the app
      ==>You should see all the components of your device
      ==>While on the open app, you will see about 5 menu buttons at the top; SOC (System on Chips), System, Battery, Sensors and About menus.
      ==>On the SOC menu, you will see the chip and model of your device boldly written at the top portion of your screen.

  3. prof pls i need help. i have been trying to root my htc incredible with several rooting kits including the ones you posted,but to no avail. none of the rooting kit were able to detect my phone. but my pc can detect my phone memory card through usb,i can even transfer files from my htc to my pc,and can also charge it through usb. even the htc synchronization manager on my pc was unable to detect my phone,pls what is wrong? or is there drivers i must download on my pc before my phone can be detected? pls i need help

    • If the Htc synchronisation manager on ur pc couldn't detect your fone, I think the problem is from your pc and not your phone.
      Depending on the type of OS you are using, go to system restore and restore it back to a point in term maybe a month or two behind. Reinstall d Sync manager afresh and try to connect ur phone to it this time.

  4. Prof bin begin u to add me on whatsapp but u have replied me.. Am doing it again pls sir add me on whatsapp 08168193124.. Tanx

  5. I Love dis Blog and it keep me updatef, to say Thank u to d Owner am giving dis out to fellow Reader like Me.

    How to change ur Imei on MTK AND MEDIATEK DEVICE LIKE TECNO L3, M3, H5, P5 E.T.C.

    Before you begin you need to
    note down the IMEI number. There will be 2 IMEI
    number in case of a Dual Sim handset. You can find
    the IMEI number on the box pack and/or mentioned
    in the Battery Compartment.
    This may or may not work on your handset, but
    worth trying. Open the Dialer and type
    *#*#3646633#*#* you will enter the engineering

    Then swipe left to connectivity.

    In connectivity click
    the CDS information option
    and tap radio information and then tap phone 1.

    Now enter the command
    And press enter.

    For second SIM tap phone 2 and type this command
    And press enter.

    If *#*#3646633#*#* does not work and if you are
    using a MediaTek powered handset you can
    download the utility called MTK Engineering Mode
    for free from Google Play, it will do the same.

    Trusted and Tested. One Love

  6. my prof, i respect your work… pls i have a question, the bb imei tweak worked for me and i am flexing my glo 3gig but anytime i on my phone, the glo network is always fluctuating. for example: i'll on the phone and the network bar will be empty then 10secs later it will full and show me 'E' then later the network bar will change to half and i'll now see '3g' then it will now change again and show 'h+' then when i load a page it may now change again to another thing, it just keep fluctuating like that like that and this makes it hard for me to enjoy ma bis wella . infact as i type now, my network has changed from h to h+ to E to 3g severally, even if i restart ma phone, it still continue like that. abeg my prof pls help ooo pls. really love your site and hope for your reply

    • Hello bro,
      It's d network reception in ur area that is not too strong. Even mine does same atimes but set it to 3G only and it shld be alittle bit stable.

  7. Oga Yomi, how do I unroot my Nokia XL using d framaroot u told me to use, bcos in dia site it was not given hw to unroot using d framaroot. Again pls which method wil b best to tweak my Nokia XL? Also pls regenerate for me a bb imei. Dis is my email [email protected]

    • If you want to unroot, you don't use Framaroot but go to google play and download universal unroot app. It will unroot any rooted android device.
      I hav't tweak nokia xl imei before bt I'll suggest you try mtkdroid too".

  8. Pls prof I av an iphone which I insert Sim and showing no services and showing all dis like carrier 1,1us spr,3us AT&T etc pls how do I set it pls help me

  9. pls prof… this evening my tecno s3 just started showing "unfortunately Google account manager has stopped" I don't knew what to do I have tried restoring one of my back UP's but nothing is working. …I changed my gmail account password….. or is that why it is showing like that….

  10. prof pls I think I brickes my phone. it turns on normally but when I press the volume up and power botton to boot into recovery menu it does not…… what should I do prof…

  11. Pls brother, I need ur help on jailbreaking my Windows surface rt tablet. I need to do this to enable mi download some other apps. Thanks as I wait for ur feedback.

  12. Pls mr yomi I used the mtk droid tool to change imei on my cube talk 79 octacore. It didn't work. It showed fake hardware in kennel or firmware doesn't correspond to phone. Pls can u help me?

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