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The week has been so busy for me and I’m glad the weekend is finally here. Today, if you have any problem relating to rooting, or maybe your Android device is not working well, BlackBerry or PC problems or perhaps you want to buy a cheap device but don’t know which to go for, feel free to drop the problems below and a solution will be provided.

I’ll personally attend to everyone today even if it has to do with the issue of your blog. I’m glad 5 among my blog readers got adsense approval this week after a simple privilege instruction from me on their blog. Don’t be left out. Just use the comment box to drop that bugging issue and I bet a solution will be provided.

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177 thoughts on “Drop Your Any Device & Blog related Problems Here”

    • Abdul you are on track,
      I love that niche you choose and I bet it's a unique niche diff from any other niche. This is what you'll do, add more post to it and add a blog description to it since its all about doodie stuffs.

  1. all dis isue of tweakin imei i hav not succeded in doin any1….av tryd all d metods listed here….what do i do pls

    • Tweaking your imei depends on your own device. I know at he moment, it's only Samsung users dat are having problem tweaking their imei becos dirs is not an mTk device. The question now is what kind of fone do u wana tweak it's imei?

  2. Prof my fone is LG F200k (Optimus VU 2) I have succeeded in rooting it onetime but I can't change the imei using your listed methods. Gravity box couldn't be install on my fone. And using those codes on terminal emulator proved unsuccessful as well. I tried SDK but it wasn't clear either because when I edited the imei wit Hex editor I dnt knw what to click or do next. The AVD only shows create device and when done nothing happens. Pls help on changing my imei. Thanks

    • Hello friend,
      Sorry about all d method not working out for you but ur device seems not to be an mTk device, relax let me still check for a compatible method for your device.

  3. PROF PLZ I CANT install phoenix software to my pc to flash my phone.
    plz wat shuld i download ahm using windows 7 32bit version

    • Your site look so beautiful on mobile. You need to rearrange the Desktop version of ur blog.

      Always apply the read more tag to all of your post so that the full post won't be display on ur home page.

      Add recent post and popular post widget to your side bar.
      How old is ur blog?

  4. Pls Mr. Yomi, am aving problem wt Google Playstore on my m3, it always bring no connection when trying to it. Av clear d cache nd data several times but same Noni. I even Uninstall it nd download fresh one bt proved abortive. It only open wt simple server which means it listen to port 8080. I even removed ss nd all in vain.

  5. YomiProf Check mine out maybe I am on track also, I uploaded a template and did the necessary arrangement. I need help on How I can put a Konga link on it. daveay007.blogspot.com

  6. YomiProf Check mine out maybe I am on track also, I uploaded a template and did the necessary arrangement. I need help on How I can put a Konga link on it. daveay007.blogspot.com

    • Your template looks great but I just viewed it on mobile. I beleive by now you must have been approved by konga affiliate; login to ur dashboard and copy your affiliate link, go to your blogger dashboard and click on layout, add a gadget text/html gadget, past the code inside and save. Your Konga affiliate shld nw display

  7. Hello Prof,
    Please I have this Verizon S4 fone which I believe as soft bricked. I rooted the fone with Kingo tool and about 2 days later a notification popped up on the fone requesting for a factory reset which I did but the fone refused to come up after the reset and just boot loops each time. I tried getting the fone to download mode so I could use Odin and the latest firmware to get the fone back working, but I discovered the fone doesn't have Download Mode but Recovery Mode, Normal Mode and Fastboot mode which I don't know how to use. Can you please advice on what I need do? Thanks

  8. Pls prof I can't click accept on my bold 5 for opera mini 8 , have tried so many times but even the touch don't click. It , what can I do

  9. pls PROF YOMI how reliable is KONGA.COM, should i pay B4 delivery or after delivery…….
    is it new phones dey are selling or uk used..
    tank u in advance


    • I can doff my hat for Konga cos I buy things from them regularly. They sell brand new fones and not second new.
      Pay on Delivery. Dnt pay before delivery.

  10. Hi boss my name is temitope pls i want to install andy on my pc any time i instal it will nd i double click it on my desktop it wil tel is searching it wil later tell me andy.exe cannot be found or i should search it myself so if i search it myself it wil open dialog box wich link to unistall andy and also i cant install bluestacks is teling me graphic card driver not found or it is outdated what can i do please?

    • Their is every tendency that your system drivers are out dated and need to be updated over the internet.
      Go to start menu>>Computer>>System>>drivers. Check if their is anyone not currently installed.

      I'll also suggest you uninstall the current Andy you have on your pc, and re-download another one.

    • hey there can help you with that cos i was in the same issue back then. all you have to do is seach for graphics card using the search bar on start for 7 and right top coner for 8. just go to drivers and click details goto driver version and you will see update and click up date. if it is successful the you are good to go and just try it once more and t should work. hope it helped.

  11. hi please am using dell inspiron mini 1011 it comes with intel atom and is a fanless laptop so any time am using it abt few mins it wil stat overheating and it wil be hanging what am i going to do o helping God bless you

    • It's a terrible thing for a laptop not to have an internal fan.
      Don't open too many application when using the laptop most especially application that are too heavy to load.
      Secondly, always position your laptop in a cool environment or closer to a working fan or AC in other to prevent it from over heating.
      And finally, if the Ram capacity is below 2GB and the size of the hard disk is below 200GB, I'll suggest you sell it and get a better one before it will get to "end of life".

  12. Please prof have once seekd for ur help about dat changing of imei with universal method, but iz like my comment dint publish like about 5 times i posted my comment, it sometimes get me angry……….but dats nt really my problem, my problem iz about dat universal method, i followed the procedure correctly with out no mistake, den when i get 2 the point of using command prompt, i typed d 1st command "fastboot getvar imei " den enter
    I saw my device imei as mentioned on d procedure, bt wen i typed the 2nd command which iz "fastboot oem writeimei 35826501272****" which iz the bb imei i generated,,,,, i saw diz result

    [ERR] command error !!!
    OKAY [ 0.00s]
    finished. total time: 0.008s

    Please prof hlp, dnt really knw where the problem came from, am using HTC desire hd and its well rooted and has super user access,,,,,, plz help,

    And please i dnt knw if it will b possible 2 have u on my whatsapp,,,,,,,, thanks i a million times …….. STORM by name

  13. Hello mr prof please google ads account have not activate my aCcount over 2mounth and a week now please help me

    • Sir, they did not message me, then I ask my friends he said, he will take like a week before I will see a there message till now I'm till checking my email every day I didn't see anything there …….. Please sir add a facebook or twitter comment at your site because you hopes to be knowing your fans name, I don't like as I'm using Anonymous

    • Yes, I do have an idea about that. When the driver is outdated, it will malfunction or otherwise stop working.
      Solution, update all your system drivers over the internet and it will be ok.

    • Hello Henry Joe,
      Your blog is steady but you are missing something… add title post to all you published post and yet to publish post cos it kind of confusing search engine. what niche are you in?

  14. pls prof. I need ur help my tecno s3 well rooted refuses to enter recovery menu. pls what should I do…. the turns on normal, boots normaly but it just refuses to enter recovery menu. I use the power button and volume up keyyy. help me prof….

  15. pls prof. I need ur help my tecno s3 well rooted refuses to enter recovery menu. pls what should I do…. the turns on normal, boots normaly but it just refuses to enter recovery menu. I use the power button and volume up keyyy. help me prof….

    • You need to flash a new recovery to your phone.

      Download recovery tools from play store, search and download "tecnos3recovery.IMG" from Google..install and launch your recovery tools (accept all prompt) then click on flash other recovery, then use it to locate the tecnos3recovery.img you just downloaded and click on it. After flashing it, it will require you to boot to recovery mode.. g2g

  16. Good Yomi, I've been following u for a while. I really wish to know if there is any GLO tweak working for my Samsung galaxy s3 n all other users cos I am tired of wasting cash. Thanks in anticipation.

    • Your phone must be rooted, have cwm recovery.. (Application you will be download must be on internal memory) download xposed installer,install it aand launch it click on framework then click on install/update and reboot your phone (it compulsory) then reopen xposed in stalker and click on down load, lookfor gravity box and download it, then go back and click on modules and tick the box behind gravity box and reboot your phone.. After that you can open gravity boxfrom the app menu or inside xposed. It will request framework permission for the first time (if you get error just keep retrying) after successfully granted permission scroll to the end of the app and you will see "engineering mode" where you can change your imel… This work on all phone in cluddind HTC,lg, sSony, Samsung, all mtk but you must be running JELLY BEAN(no screenshot for comment it would have been easier)

    • What about those running ICS on LG fones. McCoy, can u give instruction of how to change imei on LG fones running ICS?

  17. I have changed the IMEI of my Phantom A and i have an active BB subscription but the H did not appear and the phone is not browsing. What should i do?

    • Insert your sim to a BlackBerry phone and set the BB to 3g only, once it see 3g on that BB browse a while (3 minute) and removed your sim (ensure you have set your f7 to wcdma only) insert your sim and it will work

  18. I have changed the IMEI of my Phantom A and i have an active BB subscription but the H did not appear and the phone is not browsing. What should i do?

  19. prof.i followed the link you posted for rooting and gaining s off on htc vivow. when i connected my htc vivow to my pc, the unrevoke detected my phone is displayed "you device :vivow is not supported at this time" the same thing also happened when i used revolutionary method. pls i need help

    • Insert your sim to a BlackBerry phone and set the BB to 3g only, once it see 3g on that BB browse a while (3 minute) and removed your sim (ensure you have set your p5 to wcdma only) insert your sim and it will work

  20. Prof pls my techno m5 after getting error I reset it and it started working but of recent wen I open my CAMERA it won't work "unfortunately camera as stopped" @ls help on how to fix it

    • Your camera is running to a bug. Better option: find someone with m5 and flash his/her rom to ypurs

      2: You have to move your camera from system apps to internal apps, when it working perfectly you move it back to system apps.. Phone must be rooted, download root browser from play store, install and launch it goto system then apps locate your camera press menu and click on permission change it from rw-r-r to rwxr-x (tick the three space on group and first and last on others to get that permission) then 'move' your camera to sdcard. Goto your apps and uninstall the camera then go back to your sdcard and installed it again then copy it back to system/app and change the permission to rw-r-r

      Note: you can download third party camera as an alternative to ur default camera. eg camera 360 u can download it from play store

    • @mc coy how do I flash his own rom and will I first do d camera settings before in d root of my fone or after flashing d oda m5 rom? Thanks.

  21. Pls how do I unlock my sony xpera arc s lt8i. Bootloader and and cwm for it? Can't I do d upgrade of rom after rooting self?

  22. I would like to own a nice blog but I don't know how to make one,I had blogger and worldpress but none of it is nice looking ,please would you mind adding me on whatsap for some few chat thanks 08036200962

  23. There's this problem I've been battling with since all dis days. I wan to add the read more summary link to my blogger homepage using the default blogger awesome template.

    But all the tutorial I saw online are not helping.

    Any help on this?

    • Your phone is not hang, there is a way I booted the device to recovery.. I will get that for you tomorrow Cruz I will try to lay my hand on one.. You just have to select between those 3 option fast boot, recovery and I can't remember the third one

    • Press and hold power and v+ button till a screen pop up. Use volume + to scroll to recovery mode and press volume – then an android logo will appear then press power button, your phone will now be in recovery mode

  24. Prof you highly surprised me I seeks your help concerning my domain name @godaddy and other things on my blog but you only moderated my comments but don't give any reply

    • Bro I really appreciate your efforts to reply me but unfortunately I've deleted the domain name @godaddy because I made a stupid mistake when I was trying to set my DNS but what I heard was that if I buy a .com domain @godaddy I didn't need to stress myself in time of setting DNS that it's just one click enter your blogspot and your.com domain and click go within 24hour to 48hours it will be active,I was even stressed up because the settings was beyond my expectations but it's like the settings had been changed,But with all the stupid mistakes I had made I just met my myself inside a hot pot of soup which means the crawlers cannot be able to view my blog to display their ads but when I signed in to my adsense account under my status I saw crawlers error message that they cannot be able to view my blog and they will not display their ads I was told there that I should go to the "plus icon" beside my domain seeing out the page that was blocked and review it and the ads will display and please bro I can't use html/JavaScript to add third party contents to my blog I searched it @add gadgets but the result tells me no match found please bro what has happened or has the gadget been renamed by the author?

    • I think it's only ur comment I'm attending to tonight cause I just returned from a journey. However, did you bought the first domain that you claim you deleted from godaddy? You get those errors probably because you didn't redirect it properly. What's the domain name and your own blog address?

    • Don't lie. If you did it, your phone will boot to recovery.. Search on Google and download tecnos3recovery.IMG and use recovery tools or mobile uncle to flash it. You will have your recovery back

  25. Hi Prof, I've been following this blog for quite a while and I really have to say you're doing a great job. Thanks for all the help. I have a number of issues I need you to deal with please: 1. My Blackberry Bold 5 doesn't connect to 3G anymore since I flashed it. Even when I set it to 3G only, it still shows EDGE. It's. sad because I need 3G man. 2. How do I get an iPhone 4s to work with Nigerian SIMs, it keeps giving an INVALID SIM report(and I've tried the SIMS on other iPhones and they work perfectly). 3. How do I root and tweak my Techno P5? 4. What is the bes/cheapest network package to use on my android?(I'm in Lagos). My email address is [email protected]. I'll be anxiously waiting for your reply, thanks a lot.

    • Sorry for not responding to your questions on time.
      Flashing of any device normally reduce it's life span. I'll suggest your restore it back to factory settings and set it again to 3G only.

      Is their anyway it display unlock code on your iPhone 4s?

      To root your Techno P5, use framaroot.

      Glo is the cheapest and best network to use on your Android device at the moment.

    • Thanks prof. I tried your suggestion for the Bold 5 but it's still the same. The iPhone doesn't display unlock code, it works perfectly except that it doesn't recognise SIMs…keeps giving the 'Invalid SIM' report. Could you please whatsapp me? 08035588666

  26. Morning prof Pls how do I root my techno M5, tried rooting it with framaroot but it tells me Dat I don't have root privilege if I want to check if it has been rooted… Pls help me.. My email is [email protected]…. Thanks

    • Download another Framaroot. Ideally you are not suppose to get that message "no rooting priviledge" if you are attempting to root it with framaroot. Downlaod another framaroot and root it with it.

    • Hello Abdul,
      Nice work you've done on your blog. I just checked it now and I can see interesting post over their.
      However, you will need to add the following

      ==>Add a recent post widget to your side bar
      ==>Add a popular post widget to your side bar
      ==>Add about you and contact us form to your side bar. Contact us widget can easily be gotten from your gadget.
      ==>Apply the read more tag to all your post so that it won't have to display all the post on your homepage.
      ==>How old is your blog?

  27. Please mr yomi,I need to know how to get much etisalat mb with small money I use a bold 5 and a simless Iphone so I do use the hotspot for d iphone but its really consuming mb,I buy xtra mb after d bis for my bb coz the hotspot won't work with the bis so I hv to buy mb again

    • I think their BB plan is 1k for 3GB. What you need to is to check which app on your iPhone consumes much MB. Deactivate it and your mb consumption will reduce.

  28. Prof, kindly help me with this "Mfc80u.dll Not Found"
    "This application failed to start
    because mfc80u.dll was not
    found. Re-installing the
    application may fix this
    problem."I have downloaded the file, put it in widow system 32,yet,the problem is not solved. Some of my software are damaging everyday

  29. Prof or anybody please i bought an lg verizon vs920 from a friend but no network works on it. I even just bypass the activation

  30. {rtf1ansiansicpg1252
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    f0fs26 cf2 cb3 expnd0expndtw0kerning0
    outl0strokewidth0 strokec2 Prof. It's my first time, even from a distance one could conclude this platform is run by some genius personality. So it's I'm glad to make ur acquaintance. And now on to the straw threatening to break the camels behind. My babies entered the wrong password on my BB 9930 up to ten times and for the past three days I have been locked by RIM, the phone only shows 513 error. Folks say I must have to flash the phone and by that I lose every single data ever saved. The phone is yet to be backed up by any means. I want a second opinion on this problem Yomi, tell me is there a way to go about this, restoring my phone to working mode and still retaining all my data. Very urgent bro, will appreciate if u expedient action in responding ASAP?}

  31. Hi Yomi prof I need a Windows Software that can integrate with my modem sms feature or sim card and Auto Send Sms Messages following a specific schedule like sms flow Android App cos i want to use the 5mb to Tunnel my VPN through host: 0.facebook.com

  32. good day prof, pls i need your help in understanding/solving a problem i have with my blackberry 9930. It is a Verizon brand but when I checked the status of the phone via Options>Advanced>Sim using MEPD command I saw the phone wasn't locked to a carrier i.e. all options were disabled or inactive. The problem is my MTN BIS service has refused to work even though the BB sign appears next to the 3G signal.. pls help

  33. Tks for the reply prof, God bless. People are saying z10 can only work on BB10 plan.how true is this. Is confirmed that z10 work perfectly with normal bis.

  34. pls help me out.I am using tecno h5 each time I load a game on my phone I discover the game close back.or it display not responding

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