Yaan Instant Messaging – You All Need to See This

The Friday is actually black and I’m waiting for MTN, to
make it Ye’llo. This is just an intro to what you’ll all see in December. It’s
a season of free giveaway and festivity drawing closer every second, I know some
of you will surely have something to give out to fellow blog readers or perhaps
you have a business and you know you have serious promo this season, don’t hesitate
to mail me so that I can help publish it on this platform. 

Meanwhile, I’m warming up for my giveaway and I bet you can’t
afford to miss this. IPhone users, I didn’t forget you all even has you are all
clamoring for a better, cheap data plan. Wait, I’ve got something much more
better in stock for you.
Yaan is a “FREE” and exciting location based “INSTANT MESSAGING” application developed by Magana Media, a Nigerian company to
help bridge the growing technological gap between Africa and the rest of the
world. According the developer, it allow you to send unlimited free text, voice
and pictures messages to your friends.
You can connect with people within and outside of your
social network with this app. There is more to it but you can download it right
away to explore more.
Unfortunately, it is not available for any other device
aside of iOS devices. But they are working on releasing for Android and other
Where Can I Download it

Download it here.
And to those who has been finding it difficult to get adsense approval on there blog, I think its high time we address this once and for all.
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35 thoughts on “Yaan Instant Messaging – You All Need to See This”

    • Check ur network connection, or make sure it's set to 3g.

      Rooting your Nokia phone gives u ability to tweak it the way u want, install any apps u want but withou rooting, you may not be able to do all dat

  1. At yomi will there still. be discount on items at konga and jumia before ending of this year like this black friday stuff as in maybe something like xmas discount or new year stuff or promo pls urgent reply pls pls

  2. Thank u for ur great work oga yomi. Pls can i use FRAMAROOT to root my Sunny ERRICSON And use Mobile Uncle to change the IMEI of the Sunny Erricson

    • Yes, you can use frama root to root your Sonny Ericson and then go ahead to download cpu-Z to check the make of your device if its an MTK or Qualcomm… If it is an mtk, you can use Mobile uncle to change your imei, if not, then you'll have to try MTKDroid tool method of changing imei.

  3. Yomi prof you are doing a very good work here but guys always turned any current thread to another thing but i dont blame them bcos u dont reply to any comments on old topics.pls create a way wil be able to respond to new old thread comments.Sir i av problem with whatsapple…its "sms error or voice "error whenever i click REQUEST CODE on d whatsApp Registration page.pls what next.And pls tell me the simplest android emulators dat are not like bluestacks.thanks

    • You get error if the network is bad or not stable at that particular time. I'll suggest you try it again when you are having a good network. And again, hope you have .net framework installed on your computer?

      Andy will give you the best deal. It is a good android emulator. see more about it here

  4. Yomiprof pls am very sorry for disturbing you and I know am not suppose to write. Here but I really need your help.pls yomi can u upload the jamb 2015/2016 syallble for me from 2015/2016 disk.pls help me wen my brother bought the jamb for me, he wen an collected the 2014/2015 disk.PLS YOMI.

  5. Hi pls am encounterin some probs with data share
    Concernin mtn
    Is there a way i can share with more dan 10 pple
    If i buy 75gb is it also only 10 pple i can share with
    Ow can increase my validity

    Concernin etisalat
    Is there a way to increase my etisalat validity since i dont have many customers.


    • You can't share to more than ppl even if you have 100gb data. It is a new policy developed by mtn and there is nothing anybody can do abt it except they change the policy tomorrow morning.

      You can always top up ur etisalat if u want to extend ur validity period to 30 days.


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