Is This A Set Up? Airtel Surfing Free of Charge on All Device

This is going to be my shortest post ever… This may seem like a set up, but I don’t really know what you are going to call it. As I am typing now, I have downloaded 10.5GB file and I am still downloading.
If you still remember where you kept your Airtel SIM, grab it and enjoy what I am enjoying right now.

Airtel is currently surfing free of charge without any tweaking, or vpn. Just look for your abandon, rejected, defected or in-eligible sim, slot it on your phone or modem and connect. It is fast, it is free and don’t wait to be told before it will be blocked.

Remember, no any configuration needed.

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19 thoughts on “Is This A Set Up? Airtel Surfing Free of Charge on All Device”

  1. It has been blocked, worked for me before. Airtel is very smart to have detected the loophole.
    Kudos to you Yomi prof keep on discovering while we enjoying. Guess Etisalat will be the next target……..

  2. Hi, I'm sorry for posting this here, i really need your advice. I want to buy a Laptop from from Bestbuy but don't know the cheapest service to use to ship down to Nigeria. when I tried to use MallforAfrica i discovered that it would cost me around 20k to ship to my door step here in Nigeria but when i checked Myus, it was just around 12k, but i don't know if myus is reliable, i also found shippyme. Please recommend the most reliable and cheapest service.Thanks


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